In 2011, 25% of Australian undergraduate graduates are still looking for a job.

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Nearly a quarter of undergraduate students graduating in 2011 are still looking for their first full-time job in the job market. Statistics show that this is the highest unemployment rate for undergraduate students in Australia in the past 20 years.


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The annual graduate job market report of Graduate Careers Australia was announced yesterday.
According to South Australia's "Advertising", data shows that the graduate job market has not fully recovered from the global economic crisis at the end of 2008. According to the report, 23.9% of 2011 graduates have not found a full-time job, but the starting salary of the first full-time job for undergraduates under 25 has increased to 5.2 yuan.
The performance of South Australian graduates is slightly higher than the national average, with only 22.5% looking for full-time jobs. Dr. Noel Edge, CEO of Graduate Careers Australia, said that the proportion of graduates employed in the job market has not increased much, but the long-term trend remains strong.
He said: "Research shows that unemployment is not a long-term concern for graduates. What we should note is that getting a degree is not just for the first full-time job after graduation. This is a lifetime advantage. And personal development trends."
The salary of dental graduates is still up to 8 yuan, followed by the salary of optometrist graduates, which increased by 9 yuan to 7.9 yuan this year. Pharmacy graduates seem to have the lowest starting salary, with a median salary of only 3.9 yuan.
In this regard, the organization's research and strategic consultants said that for optometry graduates, they are likely to change jobs everywhere because the number of graduates each year is small. "In general, the employment situation of graduates has deteriorated. Since the depression era in the early 90s, we have not seen such a slow growth trend."

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