One of the works to be exhibited.

由中澳文化艺术促进会主办,澳洲潮州同乡会、澳洲福建会馆、澳洲闽南同乡会、澳洲福建总商会、澳洲上海师范大学校友会和澳洲中澳青年企业家联合会联 合协办的“追寻:2014澳洲华裔艺术家联展”将于1月18日下午5点至6点在悉尼Willoughby市的Ewart Gallery开展,展期为1月18日至2月8日。

The theme of this exhibition is "Pursuing", focusing on the subjective feelings and reflections of 15 Chinese artists who have emigrated to Australia over the past 20 years, in order to explore the spiritual map of the personal artistic development of Chinese artists. The works on display in the exhibition will cover a variety of media such as painting, video, sculpture, photography, etc., to fully reflect the different styles of artistic creation techniques and expressions of Chinese artists.

The participating Chinese artists include: Shen Jiawei, Shen Shaomin, Guan Wei, Wang Xu, Chen Ping, Wang Lan, Qian Jianhua, Xiao Minhong, Yang Xifa, Yin Xiaoyan, Wu Fangmin, Dai Xingxiang, Xiang Bingxun, Mo Di and Jiang Xiongyi. Among them, Shen Jiawei and Wang Xu have been shortlisted for the famous Australian Aqibo Celebrity Portrait Award many times. Shen Shaomin and Guan Wei are both internationally renowned contemporary artists. They have represented Australia in many exhibitions around the world.

The curator Chen Ren said that since the 21st century, in the context of globalization, Chinese Australian artists have integrated their creations into the world with a more open mind. They have organically combined Chinese local traditional art with Western art resources. , So that their artistic creation presents a more dynamic creative direction. Chen Ren also stated that the exhibition received strong support and cooperation from these Chinese artists, which enabled the preparation of the exhibition to be successfully completed in just two months.

NSW Governor Barry O'Farrell expressed his gratitude to the China-Australia Cultural and Art Promotion Association for bringing an exciting art journey to the people of NSW. This exhibition will be an indispensable part of the multicultural NSW Part. Member of the NSW House of Lords Wang Guozhong said in his congratulatory letter that he is very pleased to see that the artistic creation of Chinese artists has been widely recognized by the mainstream of Australia.

Robert Huang, the honorary president of the China-Australia Culture and Art Promotion Association and the president of the Southern Fujian Association of Australia, proposes that more Chinese businessmen and Chinese associations join the ranks of promoting the development of Australia-China culture and art, and actively make themselves an indispensable part of the Australian family section.

Opening of the exhibition was Dr. Claire Roberts, a Chinese art historian, former senior curator of the Asian Department of Sydney Motive Museum, and a curator of the Australian-Chinese History Museum in Melbourne, and current senior lecturer in art history at the University of Adelaide (Claire Roberts). Dr. Qingqi Luo said that although these artists were faced with various problems in language, communication, cultural conflict and survival when they first came to Australia, they still persisted in their persistent pursuit of art in Australia for more than 20 years.

This exhibition has received strong support from many Chinese associations and media in Sydney, as well as generous sponsorship from enterprises, art institutions and individuals. The exhibition's organizing committee consultants include Chairman Qiu Zhijie, Dr. Luo Qingqi, Member of the State Council of China, and Mr. Zhou Guangming, the leader of overseas Chinese. The organizing committee members of the exhibition include: Huang Yongcong, Wu Zhangqiang, Hong Wenyuan, Wu Wenda, Ding Liming, Wang Weihai, Hong Jingwei, Chen Ren, Xiao Minhong and Ni Buyang.