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Beautiful Encounters (10 Reasons)

  One: Fall in love with the feeling of freedom

Australia is one of the seven continents in the world, covering an area of ​​7,682,300 square kilometers. Its size is similar to that of the United States (except Alaska), roughly equal to the sum of the territories of all countries in Southeast Asia, or about three-quarters of China's territory. Australia has a population of 2,300 million. Did you know that the world's largest livestock farm is in Stangeray Spring, South Australia? The area is equal to that of Belgium.

  Two: It is an ideal tourist location throughout the year

The blue sky, bright sunshine and pleasant climate. There have never been extreme temperatures here, so no matter when, Australia is an ideal place to travel. Whether it is skiing in the Alps Mountains in Australia from June to September or taking a holiday on the beach in Queensland at any time of the year, it is a great choice. Australia has a mild winter climate. In Sydney, the typical winter climate is around 16 degrees Celsius.

  Three: wonderful programs come one after another throughout the year

No matter when you are visiting Australia, there must be a festival, celebration or special event taking place. Some events are international and receive news reports broadcasted globally. These events include the annual Melbourne Cup horse racing and the exciting Australian Formula One World Championship held in Melbourne, the spectacular Adelaide Festival, the colorful Canberra Flower Show, the annual Sydney to Hobart Regatta, Darwin’s "Beer Can Boat Race" and the biennial Barossa Valley Wine Festival, gay parade, etc.

  XNUMX: More economical tourist spots

As many major airlines provide multiple scheduled flights from major Asian cities to Australia, traveling to Australia is now more convenient and cheaper than before. Compared with some Asian cities, the cost of food, housing and transportation in Australia is also relatively reasonable. From the most advanced five-star hotels to setting up tents in camps, Australia offers a variety of different accommodations to meet various travel budgets and personal preferences. You will be surprised to find that your money is so abundant when shopping.

  Five: All natural natural scenery

Desert boulders (e.g. Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory), to coral reefs (e.g. Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland), beautiful coastlines (e.g. Twelve Apostles on the Victoria Coast), to white sandy beaches (e.g. Western Australia) Rottnest Island near Perth), dazzling mountain scenery (for example: the Blue Mountains of New South Wales), to scenic river valleys (for example: the Murray River in South Australia). Tropical forests that are listed as World Heritage Sites (e.g. Tasmanian Wilderness) to snowfields (e.g. Kosciusko National Park in New South Wales).

  Six: Many world-famous buildings

These spectacular buildings include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the AMP Observation Tower (324.8 meters high), Queensland’s Sunshine Farm, the Big Pineapple Park (16 meters high) and Canberra’s 478.4-bell clock tower (in the world) The largest bell tower). Did you know that Australia has the longest straight railway in the world, XNUMX kilometers long? This section of railway is located between the towns of Ooldia and Nurina in Western Australia.

  Seven: friendly people

Australians are very friendly. They love nature and know how to enjoy their free time. They are also very good in sports, as can be seen from their dominant position in world rugby, cricket and swimming competitions. The local indigenous people have lived there for more than XNUMX years, and they have a rich and colorful culture. Their art, their knowledge of the land, and their myths about how the earth was formed are all worth exploring. In Australia, you can see free performances by street performers in large shopping malls, streets and railway platforms. You can also enjoy the folk dance party, a dance party celebrated by the local indigenous people.

  Eight: Unique flora and fauna

The kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world, with a weight of up to 65 kg (the fetus of a marsupial does not develop in the womb but in the pouch). The only egg-laying mammals in the world, echidna and platypus, were found in Australia. They are two of the three mascots of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The former is called Millie, while the latter is called Syd; the third mascot is Kookaburra, called Olly. Koala is also a native animal of Australia. In Australia, you will see camels roaming freely in the mainland. There are more camels here than anywhere in the world.

  Nine: International delicacies and local fresh fruits

No matter where you are from, you can find your favorite dishes from a variety of foods. Those who are more daring can also try kangaroo steak, crocodile burgers, and cossard moth larvae soup (cossard moths are maggot-like larvae of one or other species of long-horned beetle). For seafood lovers, Australia has a lot of fresh and plump indigenous fish and shellfish for sale, which is guaranteed to be cheaper than anywhere else. Australia’s more well-known seafood are trout, lobster, crab, Sydney hard-shelled oysters, crayfish, abalone, crayfish (a type of lobster) and smoked salmon from Tasmania. Also, you can immediately taste the famous Queensland mud crab caught by yourself. This is a unique and unforgettable experience. The fruits offered throughout the year are bananas, grapefruits, crusty watermelons, cantaloupe, honeydew, papaya, passion fruit seeds, pineapple and strawberries. Seasonal fruits include mangoes, nectarines, peaches, avocados, green seedless grapes, apples, oranges, kiwis, lychees and citrus. To add fun to your menu, you can also choose from a variety of Australian wines that have won international awards.

 Ten: Australia is a veritable shopping paradise

Here you will find outdoor markets, department stores, designer clothing stores, and everything else that allows you to enjoy shopping. In addition, the process of finding and buying unique products is also very interesting. In addition to choices ranging from clothing and household items to fine wines and a variety of cuisines, you can also find many first-class and great-value products. The distinctive souvenirs here include indigenous crafts, native Australian costumes, wide-brimmed hats, woodcut crafts made of local wood, beach clothing, popular clothing designed by top Australian designers, opals and color diamonds, gems, jewelry, Wool clothing, cashmere products, leather products, wine from Australian wineries, glass products and ceramic products.

Afterword (12 reasons for deep love)

 XNUMX. Pleasant climate

The southeast coast of Australia is the main population distribution zone in Australia, where the four seasons are mild and green throughout the year. Except for North Queensland, most of the residents here do not need air conditioning, and do not need heating in winter. Four seasons, fruits, vegetables and seafood are constantly on the market, pollution-free and inexpensive. Due to the pleasant climate, Australia's southeast coastal area has become the world's best tourist and holiday destination. Outdoor sports are also part of the lives of residents here.

 XNUMX. Social stability

Australia is a peaceful and peaceful country, far away from wars, no racial disputes, no plagues, no natural disasters, and no environmental pollution. It is known as a paradise on earth and a paradise.

  XNUMX. Status of Chinese

Australia has a developed economy, a civilized society, more than 200 ethnic groups, speaks 140 languages, and lives in harmony in this country that pursues a multicultural policy. The Chinese are the largest Asian community in Australia with a population of over 50. Whether in economic or political terms, Chinese have a very important position in Australian society. This can be seen from the fact that many Chinese have been elected to parliament members in recent years. The Chinese New Year celebration and the annual dragon boat race have become an integral part of the local cultural life. Chinese lawyers, accountants, doctors, construction companies, engineers, teachers, administrators, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and businessmen abound. Many Chinese are also very important in mainstream society.

 XNUMX. Visa-free for XNUMX countries

There are more than XNUMX developed countries in visa-free countries for Australian citizens

The visa-free countries and regions are as follows: Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and the Commonwealth countries are all visa-free, and most countries in Asia, Central and South America, Africa, and the Pacific are visa-free or visa-on-arrival.

  XNUMX. Welfare system

The Australian social security system started in 1910 and is recognized as a pioneer in social welfare undertakings all over the world.

Pension: 65-year-old male and 60-year-old female. The amount depends on the relevant income and assets. All pensioners can get preferential medical drugs and other health care treatment. There are other concessions such as: reduced transportation fees, local taxes, electricity fees and car registration fees, etc.

Pension: All injured and disabled patients can enjoy this benefit, including receiving rehabilitation treatment and training, nursing subsidies, and transportation subsidies.

Unemployment benefits: Australia’s assistance program for the unemployed aims to ensure that those unemployed who are looking for a job will become educated and trained to improve their employment opportunities and receive sufficient income to support themselves and their families. .

Families with children: The purpose of the federal government is to ensure that families with children (including single-parent families) receive sufficient income and other reasonable funding to cover the cost of raising children. Anyone who raises one or more children can receive subsidies. Family subsidies are usually paid every two weeks to the main guardian, usually to the child’s mother. Low-income families can get more funding.

Special funding: In Australia, there is another project that grants funding under special circumstances. Its purpose is to encourage self-help and financial independence.

  XNUMX. Free medical care


  XNUMX. Compulsory Education

Education for preschool children: The vast majority of children in Australia study in preschool centers before entering primary school at the age of 5. The center generally enrolls four-year-old children and teaches two groups of children every day.

Primary and secondary education: The age for compulsory education in Australia is 15 or 16 years old (the regulations vary from state to state). Approximately 72% of children go to government public schools, and both primary and secondary schools are free.

Higher education: There are more than 40 public higher education institutions in Australia, which provide internationally recognized degrees and postgraduate diplomas for a series of courses. The tuition fees of higher education institutions can apply for loans from the government. After the students take part in work, they will be repaid through the tax system when their annual income reaches the average wage level in Australia, and this repayment method will not affect your basic life.

TAFE: If you do not go to university after graduating from high school, you can enter the Vocational and Technical College (TAFE) to learn the skills you need to work. Today there are more than 300 technical training colleges, and their education and training are recognized nationwide.

  XNUMX. Employment placement

Due to the steady growth of the Australian economy and strong labor market demand, Australia's unemployment rate is very low. Australia's unique employment service system "Centre Link Agency" (CENTRELINK) will provide free employment services to every Australian resident. The centers are connected to offices all over the country, and you can apply for employment and get help from the office in your district. Australian newspapers, especially the Wednesday and Saturday newspapers, are the main source of information about job vacancies. In addition, there are many private employment agencies that can provide employment services for professionals, and the fees are taken from your future employer.

  XNUMX. Economic Rise

At present, Australia's economy is in a period of rising, and its economic growth rate exceeds that of almost all developed countries. Australia's economic structure fully meets the needs of the country's economic development. According to the "Global Wealth Report" released by Credit Suisse in 2013, Australia ranks second in the world. Australia is the most developed animal husbandry country in the world. The export volume of wool and beef ranks first in the world, and this type of income only accounts for 4% of the total income of the national economy. In addition to the powerful mining industry, Australia's largest economic sector is the service industry, which includes construction, wholesale and retail, transportation, tourism and entertainment, real estate and business services. The output value of the service industry accounts for more than 70% of Australia's total output value. Australia’s manufacturing output accounts for approximately 14.5% of its GDP, and the information industry is Australia’s fastest-growing economic sector. Australia is forming an economic system and industrial structure that is in line with Australia's national conditions, adapts to the economic development of the world today, and has strong vitality.

 Twenty, easy naturalization

Australia’s naturalization laws are very lax. After entering Australia, any new immigrant holding a permanent resident visa can apply for naturalization as long as they have lived in Australia for at least four years and have at least one year of PR status within these four years. It is much more lenient than the regulations of other immigration countries, and of course it must meet the requirements of crime-free and English.

  XNUMX. Easy to start a business

1. Australia is the easiest country in the world to start a business. It only takes two working days to complete all registration procedures.

2. In terms of patent rights and copyright protection, Australia has an efficient and modern intellectual property protection system, and its advanced level ranks first in the Asia-Pacific region.

3. The transparency of Australian government policies ranks second in the Asia-Pacific, which allows companies to have clear predictability when formulating business plans.

  XNUMX. Avoid double taxation

In addition to the unilateral double tax relief provided by the foreign tax relief system, the Australian government has also signed comprehensive agreements to avoid double taxation with at least 35 countries, including China. Therefore, any overseas investors do not have to worry that your overseas assets and business activities will be double taxed because you become an Australian resident. This is also the worry of many investment immigrants from all over the world.

  Twenty-three: unique MADE IN AUSTRALIA single product

Popular items in Australia!

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LUCAS PAW PAW Papaya universal cream, it has been very hot in recent years. It can be used for cuts, burns and acne. The price of cabbage

Eucalyptus honey, eucalyptus found everywhere in Australia, makes this type of honey very famous.

All kinds of health products, including lanolin, kangaroo essence, cod liver oil, propolis, etc. are all made in Australia with quality assurance

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