92-year-old man skydiving to get a new life experience

Published 21 January 2014, 14:38 AEST
Compilation: Fang Teng Editor: Yan Li

On the Gold Coast of Australia, a local resident fulfilled his lifelong wish. On his 92nd birthday, he tasted skydiving.

Seasoned skydiver 92-year-old man skydiving to get a new life experience (Credit: ABC)

Norm Anderton, who was once a prisoner of World War II, has been listening to his comrades telling him many experiences of skydiving, so he really wants to one day get the experience of skydiving by himself.

On his 92nd birthday, he decided to fulfill this long-cherished wish. However, before parachuting, he did not dare to talk to his family.

On the day of the skydiving, he pointed out in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Brisbane Local Radio that he is not young and his physical condition is limited, so he can no longer pretend to be a young man. Despite this, Nome has a young heart. He said that only in this way can you feel young.

When asked why he had such courage, he said: "I have lived to this age. There are still some things I haven't completed in my life, but I really want to complete. Skydiving is one of them."

"The moment the parachute opened, I was very excited, but when I landed from a high altitude to the ground at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, my legs were a bit soft."

"I promise not to do this kind of adventurous things in the future, so that I can live peacefully and be a responsible old man."