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92-year-old man skydiving to get a new life experience

Published 21 Jary 2014, 14:38 AEST
Compilation: Fang Teng Editor: Yan Li


Seasoned skydiver 92-year-old man skydiving to get a new life experience (Credit: ABC) 

曾经是二战的诺姆·安德顿(Norm Anderton)一直听他战友说过很多跳伞的经历,于是很想Tian can also get the experience of skydiving.



在被问到为什么有这么大的勇气时,他说:“我已经活到年纪了。我人生还Some things that have not yet been completed, but really want to be completed.Skydiving is one of them. "

"The moment the parachute opened, I was very excited, but when I landed from a high altitude to the ground at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, my legs were a bit soft."

"I promise not to do this kind of adventurous things in the future, so that I can live peacefully and be a responsible old man."

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