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Life is also a journey. We can be a "puppet" huddled in a corner of a luxury bus and placed at will between scenic spots, restaurants, hotels, and shops being promoted by tour guides; of course, we can also be a brave explorer, without hesitation The toiling "backpacker". No matter what, there will always be a day when traveling. Some people’s bags are empty, but there is more warm companionship around them, and there are more satisfying smiles on their faces; some people have full trucks, but in the end they become a burden that they don’t know how to handle.

As a beautiful young female doctor, as a woman who likes to travel, and as a happy woman who is about to become a bride,Sandy ChongCome to our "Western Australia Chinese Story" to tell you an ordinary and extraordinary experience. Her life is like travel, and her travel is like life. Drawing out her story stroke by stroke is like drawing a delicate and far-reaching ink painting. The bitterness, injustice, and heartbreaking of the past were all "captured" by a little bit of hard work, stubbornness and luck, and finally transformed into self-confidence and beauty. I don’t know if you will feel this way after reading, at least I will.

"The Ugly Duckling" Childhood = Tomboy + Poor boy

It's hard to believe that sitting in front of me is feminineSandyUsed to be a tomboy.SandyExplained: She was born in an ordinary military family in Singapore. Her parents got married very early. For various reasons, two brothers died before she was born, so her mother didn't like her. InfantSandyVery envious of boys. 7When she was XNUMX years old, she saw her father shave in front of the mirror, so she took advantage of her father's work, holding a small stool, and leaning on her toes in front of the mirror to shave. At that time, she really wanted to be a boy. “On the one hand, she lacked the knowledge and demonstration of women that should have come from her mother; on the other hand, she might want to be liked by her mother,” she said. until18At the age of, her biggest wish is to become a soldier like her father. But also18She received her first dress from her father when she was eight years old.

In Singapore, where competition is fierce, going to a prestigious university is still the top priority. In order to go to a well-known Chinese school, my father, who is not well-paid, has been waiting for two or three days.SandyIn exchange for registration quota. However, living in a "noble" school where both parents have the right and money, life is not easy. I remember that once the school was rebuilt, parents needed to donate money. Parents of other students donated4000New dollars, and her father can only afford to donate40New currency.

But stubbornSandyJust like a tenacious grass, no matter how heavy the rock is, as long as there is a gap, it must grow hard. Fortunately, in this well-known Chinese school,SandyHer linguistic and artistic talents have been fully cultivated, so that she gradually has the opportunity to participate in radio children's programs, singing and dancing.

one day,9Year-oldSandyStaring at the teacher with wide eyes, the lucky finger that the teacher raised when the whole class was selected to participate in the singing contest fell on her head. However, at a young age, the class has already formed "attachment" to the "big forces"fansGang. Poor and boyishSandyBehind is naturally empty. She hid behind the curtains of the classroom sadly, and gently pulled it up to wrap herself up so that no one would notice. Only in this small makeshift tent did she find a moment of security.

"Later, there was a teacher Lin who wanted to be judged by strength, and I was given the opportunity to participate in the singing competition of the whole school. I thank her so far. If the naughty boy who opened the curtain made me instantly If I have no self-confidence, then she will instantly regain my confidence and self-esteem."

On the school bus going home, there was a girl, holding a gold medal, sitting quietly in the last row. No congratulations, no companions, but a smile on his face. A modern slogan is used to describe it as "nothing to steal."SandyWith his own strength, he defeated the original national champion and won the gold medal. In that ordinary afternoon when there was no applause, the little girl secretly remembered Teacher Lin's words "Speak by strength" in her heart.

after that,SandyHis versatility is gradually being discovered. She has learned erhu, vocal music, electronic organ, harmonica and a little cello successively. Later, in the Chinese Orchestra competition, with the wonderful performance of the Erhu, she was admitted to the Singapore Institute of Technology and became the first student to take a scholarship to study a female conductor major.

+16How old I want to be as quiet as the air

Turn it out againSandyTwo years have passed since the interview draft. For a promise and a simple request, I hope to see myself in the works of other benefactors, so I activated all my senses again, trying to find a little bit of the feeling at the time.

Feeling is often a smell in the air. Freely, silky, It takes root in the brain. When Qingfeng took it across the tip of his nose again, it came back.

Find description againSandy a feeling of, It was due to an impression painting in my head. In the painting, a girl with longing expression but a little lonely chatting is staring intently at the invisible air and visible planes outside the international airport terminal.

How many times when I transfer at Singapore Airport, I always think ofSandy, Or the one that takes root in my head17Year old girl. The hope held up by the infinite longing for the outside world is like the flight to the sun and "moths to the fire". When the setting sun goes down and the tired bird returns to its nest, the night will quietly cover up the prosperity of the whole life.

Perhaps the glass windows of the clear and clean terminal are under the weight of the air every day. The invisible air can suffocate people and hold up the birds facing the morning sun, or perhaps it is not as quiet as we see.

16Years old,Sandy Most of the weekends are spent like this.16In the flower season of XNUMX years old, most children are happily participating with friendsparty, Shopping and shopping, playing games and playing rebellious, And follow the single father and other tenantsshare apartment OfSandyBut chose to ride alone1A half-hour air-conditioned bus from the city center to the international airport, looking for the only peace left. In this unique tranquility, I read mystery novels and travel around the cultures of various countries, but I don’t touch "love".

"When I lack power, I just watch the planes rise and fall, and I can take one of them and fly out whenever I want."

Finally atSandy 19When she was XNUMX years old, Goddess of Luck once again favored this hard-working and smart child. With this flight, he flew to France. However, the hardships of several years of studying abroad did not bring about a bright career prospect. ExpiredSandyReturned to the art school, but was labeled "the last unemployed" label. That holiday, she can only rely onPart-timeWork to support myself, every morning7 : 00Work till night7 : 00,Fromaccounts clerkTo the handyman.

But gold always shines. For a woman, sometimes a good job is just like a good man. When it does not come, it makes people feel hopeless. Once it comes, it fills the entire schedule, and life is thus infinitely fulfilled.SandyRecalling: “After attending countless interviews and experiencing countless rejections, she finally won a rare interview opportunity. Without proper clothes to participate in the interview, the kind shipyard owner who was part-time Lent it to her. And this one"lucky jacket"HelpSandyGot an American Express card (American Express)A full-time job that she even said changed her later destiny. Two years later,SandySave enough money to go to Australia and start a new page in life

21After the age of...Snow Munich, Unstretched hand makes people grow

Study abroad in France expandedSandyHer vision also enriched her experience of getting along with foreigners.

21Years of summer, SandyResolutely once again wept away from hometown and set foot on Perth, Western Australia, which was still desolate at the time. If a person who wants to escape from a certain place every day can suddenly realize his dream, he will often be at a loss for a while. Singapore has a feasting and glitzy life; there is fierce competition for you and me; there is a gorgeous stage where beauties from all over the world are vying to bloom; there are also miniskirts that must be worn and the impatience of drunken customers after get off work.

The ugly duckling of the tomboy who once claimed, The third runner-up of the beauty pageant who relied on self-esteem and self-reliance, It is also this in reality that you must not lose your self-esteem, Assistant to the marketing manager who accompanies the customer to drink, So I chose to stay away from the bustling airport, when the night fell, The peaceful air unique to Perth hits, She knew that a new journey would begin again.

Perth is really peaceful and peaceful. As soon as you leave the house, your neighbor will send a smile and say "good morning" in the morning light; when you are struggling to chase a bus, the kind driver will keep the door for you, and the passengers will even applaud you: "Good job! You can participate in the Nether Olympics! "Seagulls are always pecking at tourists' dishes for Chinese food, each of them grows fat and big ears, which makes people worry that they will rush into the sea as soon as they fly. I don't know who said that this paradise is suitable for supporting three kinds of people.: "Idlers, artists and scholars".

In Perth,SandyQuite completely. She choseCurtinIn university, she studied for an honorary bachelor's degree in just two years and skipped directly to a doctorate.

In the research institute, she met "Munich" that she will never forget. that yearSandy27year old. He always said: "You are my princess" and praised her and petted her like his favorite poet.

However, romance may only exist in distance. When real life strikes, it will be shattered by impact.

"I followed him to Germany one year when I was an exchange scholar, his home. It was a very warm world. You can imagine a family sitting around the fireplace on Christmas evening, watching the snow falling in the sky. , I counted how many of my wishes have not been fulfilled. At that moment, I think every woman feels that she has fallen into the happy castle of dreams for many years, a love castle that only exists in Heine’s poems."

"what is love?

Love is a star shrouded in the morning mist.

Without you,

Heaven has also become hell.

Lovely trembling, subtle trembling,

This...Shy and tender hug

On your beautiful cherry lips,

I use kissing instead of words,

My kiss is like a flame from the bottom of my heart!

Kissed my happiness yesterday,

Today it’s gone,

I get sincere love,

It never lasts.

There is a way for women to make men happy;

But there are more than XNUMX ways to make men miserable!

There is truth only in love.

What is love?

...No one can answer"

-Heine <<what is love>>

"I will cook for him like a little woman, and slowly appreciate that he smiles inadvertently when he is warmly praised for my good craftsmanship in front of others. I have also accidentally fallen down in a snowy day, confident Waiting for him to stretch out his big hand and "rescue" me. However, the two places have been separated for a long time and life has become more trivial, and the castle collapsed. It was another snowy winter. I carried a lot of vegetables and fell on the snow. In the ground, there is no hope to wait for Jizhong’s big hand to stretch out. The white snow is boundless, and the wind leaves him stubbornly and indifferently away. I know my prince does not want to "live happily forever with his princess" Together".

Back to Perth, SandyIt has been raining that summer. Later she and two Australian friends formed a rock bandBlue Sky Workshop. A song "Transparent Rain" included in the album truly recorded every footprint of the "Munich Princess" in the snow.

30Years old,SandybecomeCurtinThe youngest female doctor of the university (additional sentence, Perhaps the most beautiful female doctor). TeachMarketingYears later, she is slowly expanding herTraining Consulting Business, Bravely march towards the next peak of life.

turn on computer,SandyOfCVThe most eye-catching one is quite longexperience. She often plays the role of a trapeze and has participated in countless work projects and academic visits. Large and small award-winning qualifications and open-minded teaching methods also add weight to her successful teaching. Undoubtedly, laterSandyWill become more stable and more confident.


Finally finished writing this post2Year-long interview draft. Suddenly found out withSandyThere has been no contact for a long time. Thinking back to our bondage. But it happened because I happened to go to a less-skilled Chinese medicine store in the same Chinatown.

To her tired face at the time, she gave her contact information at will. Unexpectedly, there will be countless free experiences in the coffee bar afterwards; there will be the Independent Women’s Association that we jointly formed; The opportunity to meet an outstanding and independent woman in Sri Lanka, with this personal interview.

Life is really amazing. We never know who we will meet at which corner, who has changed whom. she was,Sandy, A living in Western Australia but not just living in Western Australia35The beautiful young female doctor overturned my view of traditional scholars and strengthened my view of "life is like travel". The point is, how will we choose to embark on the journey, what kind of itinerary will we make, and when the end is reached, will we smile?

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