time:2006-01-31source:The Australian Times Author:Zhang Ye


[News from this newspaper] On January 1th, Australia Day, Mr. Zheng Kang, President of the Western Australia Christmas Island Residents Association, received the Order of Australia Medal.

The Medal of Australia is one of the highest honors awarded by the Australian Governor on behalf of the head of state to Australian citizens who have made outstanding contributions. Ms. Ruan Liru, a veteran of the Chinese Guild Hall and known as the "Mother of China", won this honor and was personally awarded by Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Mr. Zheng Kang, President of the Christmas Island Residents Association, received this honor because he has served the Christmas Island community for decades.

Zheng Kang has always been enthusiastic about serving the Christmas Island community.

Zheng Kang was the founding chairman of the Christmas Island Residents Association and is still the chairman, which was established in 1998.

Zheng Kang moved to Perth from Christmas Island in 1990. As early as the early 90s, Zheng Kang participated in the establishment of the Victoria Park Presbyterian Church.

Zheng Kang served as the chairman of the Christmas Island Trade Union from the 70s to 1990. In 1975, he was one of the founders of the Christmas Island Trade Union. During his tenure as chairman, he did a lot of work for the interests of Christmas Island workers, including inviting Prime Minister Fraser to Christmas Island. Visited the island and listened to workers’ opinions. With the help of former Prime Minister Hawke, some issues related to the workers’ vital interests were resolved.

In the 80s, he also served in the local government on Christmas Island.

In addition to serving as the chairman of the Christmas Island Residents Association, he is also a director of Phosphate Resources Co., Ltd., which was established by the Christmas Island Trade Union in 1990, and Zheng Kang is one of the promoters. He also serves as Chairman of the Indian Ocean Transport Co., Ltd.

Ms. Ruan Liru read out the letter from Governor of Australia Jeffrey to Mr. Zheng Kang congratulating him on winning the Australian Medal. Ms. Ruan Liru said that receiving the Australian Medal means that a person has made a contribution to the community. After receiving the Medal, he must work harder to continue to contribute. Mr. Zheng Kang said that he has done some useful work for the residents of Christmas Island in the past few decades, and he said that he will continue to serve the Christmas Island community as always.

Mr. Zheng Kang showed the reporters photos and documents related to his work over the past few decades.

Dozens of community leaders, relatives and friends came to Mr. Zheng's home to congratulate him.

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