2014-01-27 11:24:13 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney – The joyous atmosphere of Australia’s National Day on January 1, Eastern Time, Australia was tarnished by a malicious attack. Last night, in the eastern part of Sydney, a man was tragically beaten to the ground with a fist, seriously injured.

At about 9:20 last night, the man was beaten to the ground by a punch at Campbell Pde on Bondi Beach. Police said he was assaulted outside a Budget Mart convenience store, sustained head injuries, and was rushed to the hospital.

Rameez Bajwa, 23, who was working at a convenience store at the time, witnessed this tragic scene, and then he called for help urgently. He said that a tall man wearing a gray hoodie started pushing another man just a few meters from the entrance to the store, and then gave him a heavy punch.

"He gave him a punch, a really heavy punch, and it hit him in the face. He was knocked to the ground with blood flowing. He was just lying there with blood on his face, back and clothes." Mr. Bajwa said.

He also stated that he saw the attacker get into a car and escape.

Ambulance personnel gave emergency treatment to the victim at the scene, and he was then taken to St Vincent's Hospital for treatment. The police said his injuries were not life-threatening. The party revellers who ended the National Day celebration were shocked when they saw the bloodshot on the ground. "I was shocked, Bondi Street is too dangerous." said one of the women.