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World Wide Web Technology

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(Report from this newspaper) According to the news on January 1, the data released by the OECD broadband portal website on the 27th showed that Australia’s wireless broadband Internet penetration rate ranked first in the OECD, followed by It is Finland and Sweden.

According to the data, according to the June 2013 standard, the top five wireless broadband Internet penetration rates in OECD member countries are Australia, Finland, Sweden, Japan and South Korea. The survey is conducted twice a year for the 6 OECD member countries. South Korea has occupied the first place for six consecutive years. In the survey conducted in December 34, it fell to the fourth place for the first time, and this time it dropped another place.

The analysis believes that the decline in South Korea’s ranking is mainly due to the impact of Japan. Starting from the second quarter of last year, Japan began to include tablet computers and wireless router users when counting mobile Internet users from the second quarter of last year. The seventh place in December rose sharply to the fourth place.

受去年上半年智能手机用户大幅增长的影响,澳洲排名从2012年12月第3位跃至首位。  无线宽带网络普及率超过100%的国家共有6个,除了澳洲、芬兰、瑞典、日本和韩国以外,还有丹麦。美国、爱沙尼亚、挪威、纽西兰依次排名第6-10位。

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