Australian-Chinese female chef shortlisted for "Martian immigrants"

Angela Chin (Image source: Northern Territory News)

A 32-year-old Chinese woman from the Northern Territory was shortlisted for the initial list of "Immigration to Mars" and became one of 1058 candidates, and may be able to get a one-way ticket to participate in the exploration of this mysterious "red planet".

According to a local media report by the Northern Territory News, Angela Chin lives and works as a chef in the Royal Australian Air Force Base 15 kilometers southwest of Katherine. She was shocked when she learned that she might be one of the selected candidates to explore Mars from 2024. There are more than 20 people interested in this project worldwide. After selecting a group of people, they will be sent to Mars in groups of four by spacecraft.

Qin Anqi said: "I really like traveling, so this ultimate version of travel is more suitable for me." This time, the project called "Mars One" was planned by a non-profit organization. They plan to establish a permanent human colony on Mars by 2025. The plan is led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp.

Qin Anqi said: "I don't know how this will happen. I may need to read more science fiction books. I thought I couldn't be shortlisted at all." obtain. Qin Anqi said that as a member of the Northern Territory, she may have some advantages in the selection process of the organizers.

Qin said: "Maybe they chose me because they liked me working in the army and adapting to the experience of living in the wilderness. I don't have any scientific research background. I don't have such a strong feeling for the earth." She said, I was asked three questions: sense of humor, scientific background, and reasons for exploring Mars. It is said that humans need to take a spacecraft for 6 months to reach Mars.

She said: "These organizers choose the character of the candidate, so if the character is not suitable, they will not be selected. But Mars may not need a chef." Qin said that she did not know whether there are aliens in the world. . She believes that leaving family and friends is not a problem for her.

"What I did is like what the pioneers of history did-leave home and explore an unknown territory. However, I still have to tell my parents. They will think that I finally made my own life choice." The report pointed out that the lunar explorer Buzz Aldrin said that the Northern Territory is an ideal place for astronauts to practice landing on Mars because of the topography.

In March, Ms. Qin will submit a medical examination report.