Australian Railway workers spotted crocodiles while working

Published 21 January 2014, 7:23 AEST
Compiler: Li Weiguo Editor: Fang Teng

Australian railway workers found two crocodiles during track repair work, which has caused employers to worry about the safety of their employees.

Damaged rail line near Adelaide River, NT A crocodile spotted by workers on the Australian Railway (Credit: ABC)

According to reports, workers accidentally discovered some saltwater crocodiles hiding near the railroad tracks while repairing a section of the railway line that was damaged in torrential rain near Darwin in the northern region. Camels, donkeys and other animals were also found in the area. Greg Pauling, CEO of Genesee & Wyoming, the owner of the railway line, said that the workers found two crocodiles near the railroad tracks. This is a need to deal with. Occupational health and safety issues require care. He wants to ensure the safety of workers working there.

A 300-meter-long railway line between Darwin and Catherine in the northern region was destroyed by heavy rain earlier this week. The 3000-kilometer railway line connecting Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, and Darwin, the capital city of the northern region, has been closed for repair and is expected to reopen at the end of last week and early this week.

It is reported that the original train service from Darwin to Adelaide yesterday has been cancelled. The train operator stated that arrangements have been made for customers to repurchase tickets, and customers can also choose to refund their tickets.