2014-01-27 10:05:55 Source: Sydney Original Website Alisonedit

Sydney News Last night on January 1th, Australian Eastern Time, a Victorian man was found lying sideways on Geelong Street with stabbing injuries on his body. He was then rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

At 12:15 last night, a neighbor found a 41-year-old man lying in the driveway with physical injuries. After receiving the report, the police rushed to the house on Thompson Street in North Geelong.

A spokesperson for the Victorian Emergency Department said the man was stabbed to the face and body. He was taken to Geelong Hospital for treatment in serious injuries, but his condition is now stable.

Witnesses said that after seeing several men leaving the house and stabbing people, they quickly walked along Thompson Street.

The police appealed to people familiar with the matter to call the anti-crime hotline 1800 333 000 to provide clues to help solve the case.