Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 21:09
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[Guide] A 48-year-old man was climbing at Bondi Beach, Australia. He accidentally glanced down in mid-air and found a beautiful woman with naked torso. The man accidentally fell from mid-air and broke both legs. Currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

The man's name was Moscovici. Although the injury was serious, he was lying on the hospital bed with a smile on his face when he was visiting friends. He said, “I was looking at a very beautiful naked girl, so that I forgot what I was doing there, and then my leg broke completely in the next second.”

"I have been rock climbing in that same place for many years. This time it was purely an accident." Moscovici fell to a height of 7 meters, fractured the lower half of his leg, broke his bones more than 20 times quickly, and suffered serious injuries to his right foot. For this he also underwent a 7-hour operation.

Moskovich also said that after he fell, with his accumulated experience in climbing for many years and the medical knowledge he learned, he judged that there was no problem with his spine, but his legs were seriously injured. His friends also said that Moskovich was strong and professional, and knew how to protect himself when he fell, otherwise his injury would be more serious.

However, because of this injury, he will not be able to climb for at least half a year.

Source: China News Network