2014-01-27 10:29:24 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney News on January 1th, Australian Eastern Time, when the Australian people were celebrating the National Day, Australian celebrities were not idle either-they posted photos on the Internet, some posted their own beautiful photos, and some others. He posted a beautiful photo of himself wearing the Australian flag. While the celebrities are hot on Instagram, the netizens also enjoy watching them.

(The picture is a photo uploaded by Kerr)

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr shared a beautiful photo of her on the beach with netizens on Instagram, and the "lethal power" of Sweet Beauty remains undiminished. The supermodel Megan Gale uploaded a cover photo she had previously taken for Harper's Bazaar. The Australian flag worn by Gale (mother-to-be) fits in perfectly with the National Day.

(The picture is a photo uploaded by Megan Gale)

Jason Dundas posted a photo of playing in the Wet'n'Wild water park. Jessica Mauboy seems to be one of the most unstoppable stars. After participating in various celebrations in Sydney, she did not forget to go to Sydney Harbour Bridge to watch the show. Australian rock singer Cody Simpson may miss his hometown. The postscript beside the photo he uploaded calls Australia "the greatest country in the world".

(The picture is a screenshot of the photo uploaded by Jason Dundas)

(The picture is a screenshot of the photo uploaded by Jessica Mauboy)

(The picture is a screenshot of the photo uploaded by Cody Simpson)