time:2010-03-31source:The Australian Times Author:Bian Ruizhi



Chinese art theory circles call it the "85 New Wave Art Movement".The background of this movement is that young artists who graduated from higher art colleges started from fighting for freedom of creation, rebelling against, and challenging realist art education in colleges. For example, a modernist art movement has evolved throughout the country. It has had a profound impact on the development of Chinese contemporary art.In a horizontal comparison, no other country in the world can compare with it.The practical significance of this movement is to cultivate a group of influential contemporary artists for China and the world.

"Contemporary Art" (Contemporary Art) has become the mainstream visual culture in Chinese and international art exhibitions. The "85 New Wave Art Movement" not only impacted and broke the long-standing "universal" creation pattern of "realistic art" dominating the world, and laid the foundation for the development of diversified art in China over the past 20 years. More importantly, this movement has emerged numerous Contemporary artist. More than 20 years of contemporary art experiments by Chinese artists at home and abroad have rewritten the Western-centric theory of world modern art.The fresh cases of Chinese artists at home and abroad have become an important chapter in international contemporary art.

Dating back from 85 to 86, the "Tuhe Cultural Group" ignited in Henan, China's hinterland, hoping to take part in the world's postmodern cultural process and observe the modernist art movement from the commanding heights of theory.The Henan "Tuhe Culture Group" gathers humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, musicians, modern dances, and artists as a unified "Humanities documents" (Humanities documents) to promote modern art with a new combination concept.The elements of its "humanities documents" are no longer defined in the original sense.The central idea of ​​the plan is based on the philosophical concept that "behavior" is an extension of thought and doctrine, and reimagines the coding of each element.The liberation of art from the traditional indoor display method in the social space, and crossing the huge "art" and "non-art" has become the new idea of ​​"document method".It is also a talent integration project.In the new conceptual framework, easel painting and any traditional artistic definitions appear pale and weak in the comprehensive interpretation of modernity.The new artistic context focuses on the metaphysical, abstract, and irrational rational interpretation of the human ontology. It may also have the philosophical metaphor of "sinking meditation" of the Eastern peoples to reflect the fateful thinking of people and the environment, the land, and gravity. .The annual commercial landscape of the "Sugar Industry, Tobacco and Alcohol Conference" in Zhengzhou, Henan Province has become an environmental symbol and metaphorical object cited by the consumer society, which reflects that art bears the critical power of civilization and ailments arising from the relationship between economy and society.Another hope of the plan is to promote the wonderful counterpoint of the deductive concept of each element.

Seeking differences is a "tool", seeking common ground as a "dao", seeking common ground is harder than seeking difference. As an alternative group of the '85 Art Movement, the "Tuhe Culture Group" has carried out unremitting discussions on the metaphysical level. Its extremely challenging and groundbreaking experiments are also rare in the current international art. The artists of the "Tuhe Culture Group" cooperated tacitly, aiming to create new ways of artistic materialization in thought and behavior.

"Review the old and learn the new", sort out the "85 New Wave Art Movement", and establish a new value chain. "Australia Chinese Artists Alliance" as a group combination symbol, how to participate in the construction of international contemporary art culture with a big mentality, establish avant-garde consciousness, build a strong house, and truly produce Documentary contemporary art contribution.The alliance is also faced with cutting into the current culture, getting out of the shackles of traditional culture, and leading contemporary art from a higher perspective.As an academic artist, he should understand it clearly. Art history clearly states that "art is never repeated", "the creativity of art is unlimited" and "the possibilities of art are endless".

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