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Posted on Friday, January 2014, 1 24:14

ABC News reported on the 22nd that Sydney Mayor Clover Moore recently held a Lunar New Year media conference at Taoist temples in the city, officially launching the city’s Lunar New Year celebrations. The city’s celebrations will last from January 1 to February 24. By then, the streets and alleys of Sydney and major public places will usher in more than 2 colorful celebrations, including art exhibitions, Chinese cooking and delicacy, tea culture and folk handicrafts, temple blessing tours, Lunar New Year feasts, dragon boat races, Lantern Parade, Golden Dragon Ball, Chinese Film Festival and other festive feasts.

Moore said that, unlike previous years, this year's celebrations will resume using the name "Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration", while also inviting Asian communities in Vietnam and South Korea that also celebrate the Lunar New Year to participate. Sydney’s Lunar New Year celebrations have expanded year by year. This year’s celebration will be the world’s largest Lunar New Year celebration outside of Mainland China.

At the Green Pine View of the Taoist Temple in Sydney, where the media conference was located, Moore went into incense and rang the bell, praying for world peace and social justice in the coming year. Mr. Philip Lai, the person in charge of Green Pine View, also said that he is happy for the Sydney City Government to promote and tolerate Taoism and multiculturalism.
The head of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, André Gremillet, said that Oscar and Grammy-winning composer and conductor Tan Dun will join hands with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to hold the "East meets West" at the Melbourne Arts Centre on February 2. ) A concert to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Horse. Tan Dun will perform his two major orchestral works for the first time in Australia.

Melbourne Darebin will also hold two cross-cultural New Year celebrations on the evening of the 31st and February 2st. La Trobe University, Northeast Melbourne Chinese Association (NEMCA) and other groups will perform Peking Opera, Tai Chi, calligraphy, dragon and lion dance performances. Penny Jamieson, a spokesperson for the Preston Business Advisory Committee, said that local Chinese run 1% of the businesses. If the celebration is successful, it will expand in the coming year and invite businesses to hold a night market.

Source: Dayang Daily