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Editor's note:


The article published here is about Jessica, but also about all the children in the Chinese community. As Chinese immigrants, especially new immigrants, we have very different sustenance in our children from other communities. Our children did not disappoint us. Over the years, the "Australian Times" has witnessed and reported the outstanding achievements of some Chinese children. We know that there are more Chinese children like Jessica, and we hope to give more attention, because they are "not only the pride of the school, the pride of their parents, but also the pride of our Chinese community." They are Chinese children. Set an example.


2009The results of the Western Australia College Entrance Examination were announced a year ago. As in previous years, Chinese children have achieved excellent results.


Jessica Cao is a typical example.


Speaking of Jessica, readers of the "Australia Times" should not be unfamiliar. Her excellent results, outstanding debating ability and musical talent have made her name appear on the "Australia Times" page three times. In the words of her mother, Ms. Zhang Huaijie, “she grew up with the Australian Times”.


On2009JessicaTERThat is, the college entrance examination results are99.75Points, in Western Australia11012Among the candidates, ranked first80Within the name. It is worth mentioning that in Jessica’s college entrance examination results, English Literature (English Literature)for100As the children of Chinese, this English achievement is hard-won.


Jessica intends to study at the University of Melbourne Law SchoolArts/Law(Humanities and Law) Double degree, and then study for a doctorate.


Jessica studied atPenrhosIn the college, she not only has excellent academic performance, but also has high overall quality and comprehensive development.


Along the way, Jessica has made a solid footprint in the golden stage of her life growth with her impressive achievements.


Jessica likes music, and her piano skills have reached level XNUMX.10When she was old, Jessica used the piano6Grade levelPenrhosGirls' private secondary school full music scholarship and50%Tuition scholarship. The following year, he was admitted to the school with excellent results75%Scholarship for cultural studies.


Jessica is talented and smart, and hardworking and studious.11When she was XNUMX years old, Jessica participated in Australia’s smartest children’s quiz and represented Western Australia in Melbourne.7Formerly hosted by TV station48First place in the final24Name, live video of the entire schedule.12At the age of XNUMX, Jessica participated in Western Australia92.9The Super Children’s Challenge held by the radio station has dominated the station for decades and has won11Place35Adults over the age of, get1500AUD bonus. For ten consecutive days, listeners in Western Australia could hear Jessica's voice and applaud her every morning.


15When she was XNUMX years old, Jessica was elected as a student councillor of Western Australia.16At the age of XNUMX, he participated in the Western Australia Moot Court Competition and won the best debater award, winning trophies and bonuses.


2008As an exchange student at the end of the year, Jessica went to Italy to study and live alone for two months, training her ability to live independently and handle affairs.


Jessica likes to debate and has won many awards. She has participated in various debate competitions, moot courts and model United Nations competitions.2009Years12At the beginning of this month, Jessica went to Melbourne to participate in the Australian Finals on behalf of Western Australia and achieved good results.


2009Among the five subjects selected by Jessica in the year, four subjects including English Literature, Mathematics, Italian and Politics12First place in grade. At the graduation ceremony, the school announced Jessica as the graduate student with the best academic performance.DOGE, Her name will loadPenrhosThe annals of middle school.


Jessica not only has excellent academic performance, but also cares about society and others. She volunteered to join the Australian Youth Federation, as a volunteer, and worked enthusiastically.


It is said that Jessica hopes to study Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University in China in the future, to deepen her understanding of Chinese culture, and to make her own contribution to promoting friendly exchanges between Australia and China.


PenrhosCollege principalMeg MelvilleThe lady said in the comment:


"The Jessica I know is a versatile, well-rounded young woman: smart, compassionate, with the potential to be a leader, and cherish the values ​​of balanced development in life.


"Jessica has excellent grades throughout high school, and she is a classworker."A"Student, has a strong interest in the humanities. She is gifted with languages ​​and is good at analyzing and understanding.


"Jessica firmly grasps all learning opportunities and is particularly passionate about public speaking. Whether it is a moot court or a debate, Jessica has achieved great success.


"Jessica has extensive interests in music and sports. In the past three years, she has actively participated in various school activities. During the summer, Jessica participated in an exchange program and lived in Italy for two months.


"Jessica is generous by nature, compassionate, and very helpful.


"2009In XNUMX, Jessica served as Minister of Finance in the Student Council. She was elected to this position by the high school student body and faculty. In the meeting, I happily observed Jessica and her methods of introducing rational voice and logic into various discussions. She has the ability to see the'big picture' and as a student leader, she has played a very important role. "


The principal's words are undoubtedly pertinent and truthful from facts.


Jessica is not only the pride of the school, the pride of parents, but also the pride of our Chinese community.

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