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Author Feizhi (left) and painter Ye Feng
Author Feizhi (left) and painter Ye Feng

In his paintings, whether it is characters, animals, landscapes or plants, they fully reveal the unique sense of tranquility in nature, making people feel like facing the still water of a flat lake, looking at the clear water surface of the ink, sinking into nature. In the scenery, the mind is quiet and the thoughts are far-reaching, which can draw out more imagination and a broader picture, truly achieving the state of mind of "quiet and long-term thinking".

Ye Feng’s "Autumn Fruits" ink painting is his artistic representative of this tranquility. The mountains stretch on the screen, unfolding far and far. In the close view, a girl in black is collecting fruits and holding a blue basket. , Standing in front of the mountain, looking at the ground intently, as if at this moment, she stood still, although it was autumn, there was no autumn wind sweeping, and the high sky did not have the floating clouds and birds that most painters often show, even Even the grass at the feet of the girl stood still, and tranquility became the highest state here. This kind of artistic conception is even more vigorously expressed in Ye Feng’s other ink painting “Purple Peak”. In the “Purple Peak” painting, it shows a series of mountains, the purple peaks are independent, empty and quiet, but extremely Spectacular view. The rocks of Zifeng stand out in the picture, while the mountains spread far away, straight from the horizon. There are no trees, no grasses, no eagles, no birds, no wind and no clouds. There are only solid rocks and wavy peaks. There is no one in the painting, but the viewer deeply feels that the painter is standing next to the rock and looking at it. , Concentrate in this peaceful state of nature and beauty. Here, there is the pursuit and yearning of the painter's soul. The idea of ​​"I am in the environment, there is no me in the environment, I am in the environment" is fully reflected in the painting.

Have fun in painting

Ye Feng was born in a painting family. His parents are painters and his sister and husband are painters. This kind of family where everyone paints is rare in China. Ye Feng's mother, Wei Jiangqiong, is a national first-class artist, who is good at character painting, especially the depiction of female portraits and life scenes in Hui'an, Fujian. She has unique style and is well-known at home and abroad. Born in such a family, Ye Feng should have been deeply influenced by the art of painting since childhood, and should grow up happily under the care of his parents and sister. However, Ye Feng, who was born in 1968, coincided with the climax of the "Cultural Revolution", and his destiny would inevitably be affected by this revolution. Soon after he was born, because his parents were both artists involved in this "great revolution", they had to participate in various and endless studies and sports, and were unable to bring him by their side to raise and take care of him. When he was still young, his mother sent him back to a small town in western Guangxi, and asked him to live with his grandmother and grandfather. Until the age of four, the word mother was still very vague in Ye Feng's impression.

Ye Feng told me, "In my memory, my first impression of my mother was when I was four years old, when my mother came to visit me and was going to take me back to Wuhan. I remember that I was extremely naughty and not only did not get close to my mother. , I stayed far away, playing with my little friend in the mud pit, making my body dirty. In the past, if I was making unreasonable noises, my grandmother and grandpa loved me very much, not only didn’t beat me, but also coaxed me. Give me what I like. So, this time I played my old trick again. After I came back from the outside, I still made a lot of noise. My mother asked me to stop making noise. Instead, I made more noise. My mother got angry and beat me. After a meal, I cried more fiercely, and I thought: Oh, this is my mother, my mother is here to beat people. When my mother saw me crying, she said to me, stop crying, mother will draw fun things for you My mother quickly drew characters, plants, and animals on the small blackboard. I saw it and found it to be very magical, wow, my mother is really amazing, and the drawing is really interesting.” At this point, Ye Feng laughed and he said "My first contact with painting was in such a situation, and I have a deep memory. From then on, I became very interested in painting. That year my mother took me back to Wuhan, and I began to draw by imagination. , I was doing graffiti everywhere, which was very interesting. At this time, my parents seemed to see my interest in painting, and they started to give me a little bit of enlightenment education in painting.” At that time, Ye Feng suddenly changed his personality. He used to love to run outside. Since I became fascinated by painting, I often hid in my house to paint. In summer in Wuhan, the house was extremely sultry. At that time, there was no air conditioner or electric fan. Many adults and children went to the street or yard to enjoy the cool. He stayed in the house, covered with prickly heat, and continued to paint, no matter what the adult called, he would not come out. "I want to paint with all my heart. I can't feel it if it's hot or not. Painting in peace alone makes me feel cool." Ye Feng said.

Although he lives by his parents, his parents are busy with work and political campaigns all day long. Therefore, his parents as painters actually failed to give him more drawing instruction at that time. Relying on his interest and his own talent in painting, Ye Feng does not stop painting and sees what he paints. Many times, he keeps the scenes he sees in his heart from memory, and only paints them after returning. This has strengthened his painting later. In creation, the ability to observe things keenly and to grasp the characteristics of things.

Ye Feng's real apprenticeship was when he was fourteen years old. That summer, the famous painter Cheng Baizhou in Wuhan taught him to sketch from life. Since then, he has received formal sketching counseling and has developed a keen interest in sketching. "Cheng Baizhou was a professor at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and was good at sketching. He is widely recognized as a master of sketching in Hubei. Teacher Cheng Baizhou is a big rightist who has suffered persecution throughout his life. He had just been rehabilitated at that time, and he was old and lived in the same compound as my family. He saw that the children in the yard were not doing business all day during the summer vacation, wandering around, worried that we might cause trouble, so he summoned us to his studio and taught us to draw sketches." Ye Feng reviewed his painting journey to me The first mentor on the school was full of gratitude. He said, “I always remember clearly how the first plaster sketch was drawn. That sketch had a huge impact on my life's creation.” Ye Fengyi is a painter. "The painting ability of Cheng Baizhou asked us to draw a faceted sketch of Alexander plaster, and asked us not to change the paper until he approved it. Every time in class, he used horizontal and vertical lines to observe and correct our paintings. The inaccuracies in the shape require us to repeatedly compare, wipe off the wrong, and then wipe off again. The sketch drawing paper has been wiped in several places. Teacher Cheng Baizhou still insisted that we continue to analyze and continue to draw. He told us, Each line of the plaster facet map is related. If one line is not accurate, it will affect the overall situation. Therefore, it must be drawn until it is accurate. After a few days, most children can't bear the boring, and gradually leave. Finally, only I am left alone and I am still painting there." "Why don't you feel bored and stick to it?" I asked unconsciously, "I am interested in painting. Or I was born to paint. I don't Feeling boring, drawing the same object repeatedly is not only a training of basic skills, but also a kind of fun. After graduating from university, I spent a year painting the same picture, a quiet mountain and a mountain For a lake, I paint a little bit every day, pondering and thinking, on the one hand, to improve the painting technique, on the other hand, to cultivate peace of mind. And tranquility is what I seek."

After completing the boring faceted painting of plaster shapes, Ye Feng found that he had made rapid progress in observation and performance, and began to take a brush and paper to draw sketches in train stations or crowded places. I painted the things I saw around me, so I painted during the day and at night, and during a summer vacation, I painted a lot of paintings. Some paintings have a certain degree of artistry. After seeing Ye Feng’s creations, some experts said that he would be a test in the future. Enter the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The Central Academy of Fine Arts is the highest and most authoritative art school in the country. It has many famous painters and professors, and has created many successful artists. It is the most desirable art palace for young people who want to become painting artists. When Ye Feng heard the name of the Central Academy of Fine Arts for the first time, he buried a dream in his heart: to study at this prestigious school in the future.

Learn from tradition and have your own creativity

Ye Feng was admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts from Xiamen. Due to work reasons, Ye Feng’s parents were transferred from Wuhan to Fujian, and Ye Feng followed them to Xiamen to study at Jimei Middle School founded by the famous overseas Chinese leader Tan Kah Kee. When he was studying in Xiamen, Ye Feng paid more attention to his art of painting, and more often he devoted himself to painting alone. On the one hand, he left Wuhan where he had lived for more than ten years and left his classmates and friends. On the other hand, he felt lonely. He couldn’t speak South Fujian dialect, and it was difficult to integrate into the local students, but what’s more important was that at this time, Ye Feng kept his dream in his heart. He wanted to realize this dream and was admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This ideal motivated him. I devote myself more to art painting. When looking back on this life, he said, “I’m alone almost every day. My paintbrush and paper are my closest friends. I go to school to sketch from life. Nature has given me a peaceful heart. I was my best partner. At that time, I had a personal meeting. The painter was not alone or lonely. As long as I could paint, I would be happy."

After graduating from high school in 1986, in order to realize his dream, Ye Feng carried a bag and boarded the train to Beijing alone. From Xiamen to Beijing, for two days and two nights, Ye Feng kept painting on the train, keeping the surrounding passengers And their luggage are all painted. In Beijing, while preparing for the exam, Ye Feng kept drawing and painting, devoted himself to sleep and food, and finally passed various exams smoothly. According to him, “lucky to be admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts and realize his dream.”

Enrolling in the Central Academy of Fine Arts is like entering a glorious art hall. Ye Feng has more opportunities to get in touch with ancient and modern Chinese and foreign painting masters. "I like Da Vinci's paintings the most. Every time I see his paintings, I think he is too great. Any painter's work looks eclipsed in front of his masterpieces." Ye Feng was talking about his art. Conceptually, “I will never tire of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. Every detail is unrelenting and full of passion. The inner tranquility, elegance, broadness, and profoundness conveyed in the painting, It reminds me of the works of great landscape painters such as Li Cheng, Dong Yuan and Fan Kuan of the Song Dynasty in China." His ancient masters were artists such as Li Cheng, Dong Yuan, and Fan Kuan of the Song Dynasty, and foreign art masters such as Da Vinci and Dürer were in his mind. Most admired. In particular, Fan Kuan’s painting style and technique have a great influence on Ye Feng’s artistic creation. Fan Kuan’s “The method of the predecessors is not too close to taking things. ;I and those who learn from things are not as good as those who learn from others.” The view of painting art broadened Ye Feng’s creative horizons and enhanced his painting consciousness. He truly realized that painting Chinese landscapes is not only about painting images. The most important thing for the realistic painting is to paint from the heart, to perceive nature, the heart and nature are connected, the true meaning of nature, and this feeling should be fully reflected in the painting. The greatest influence in art was Wang Wenbin, a well-known professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. This old professor who is famous in the national painting circle for "Ramping Songs" put forward the proposition of "inheriting traditions, facing the world, and promoting national culture", emphasizing both copying and sketching. Solid basic skills, and require young painters to broaden their horizons and extensively learn from ancient and modern art masters at home and abroad. "At that time, Professor Wang Wenbin and Professor Zhang Shiyan, Zhou Lingzhao, and Lou Jiaben co-chaired the work of the second studio of the Mural Painting Department. They took great care of me and often helped and encouraged me. Until now, I have always had a deep feeling for them. Thank you." Ye Feng said to me.

The four years of study at the Central Academy of Fine Arts not only made Ye Feng systematically improve in art painting and art theory, but also taught him more thinking. He realized that college education could not give painters a personal creative style. He wanted to be an accomplished artist and own his own artistic style. This is a difficult painting road, and this painting road depends more on it. Go by yourself. He realized that he had to get out of the school, get close to nature, observe and explore the mountains and rivers of nature, and the local customs. Since then, after graduating from university, Ye Feng often went to Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Xinjiang, and Tibet in China, such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Xinjiang, and Tibet, to explore and appreciate the profound, simple, and mysterious nature. During this period, he created a large number of unique works of art such as "Purple Peak", "Snowland", "Holy Land", "Beishan" and "Gu La". In his creation, he combined traditional Chinese freehand techniques with The perfect combination of Western in-depth descriptions created the use of Chinese pen and ink to paint the simple and lively rhythm and pure and solemn artistic conception of modern art.

Ye Feng's approach to nature is not only a simple approach, but it can even be said to be an in-depth exploration. He advocates the artistic viewpoint of "searching all the strange peaks and making drafts" by the painter Shi Tao of the early Qing Dynasty. He stares at every mountain and every scene with heart. Rather than just looking at the flowers. He mentioned that "I am full of respect for nature, and I feel it with a pious heart. With my inner truth, I treat one stone, one tree, one grass and one leaf. I never dare to understate or play mystery. The natural world is simple and broad, and I can only feel it with my heart. In order to feel her incomparable power. However, to feel the magical power of nature, you can only use a quiet heart and a quiet state of mind. This is what I strive for in art." Yes , The tranquility of the soul can precipitate the complexity and impetuousness of life, and filter out the shallowness and vulgarity in human nature; the tranquility of the soul is a kind of temperament, a kind of cultivation, and a kind of remoteness full of connotation. In the art of painting, there is a soul Only with tranquility can we have a lofty mind and can create unique works with profound connotations.

Draw nature, draw purity

Ye Feng is an accomplished young painter. In 1990, his mural "Mazu of the Sea God" was collected by his alma mater, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall. His ink painting "Out of the Mountain" won the silver medal in the "Third National Minority Painting Exhibition" in 1997. Award, his "Silver Mountain Young Eagle" won the "2000 Chinese Painting Exhibition New Works Exhibition" excellent work award, and in 2005, Ye Feng's Chinese painting "Happy Time" won the "Sixth Chinese National Art Exhibition" silver medal. He has participated in joint Chinese painting exhibitions in China, Hong Kong and Australia many times, and has received high praise. He designed the mural "Night of Animals" for the Beijing Natural History Museum in 2000. In 2004, his picture book "Human Words and Words" was published and distributed by Zhonghua Book Company. The authoritative domestic art magazine "Art World" had a special column to introduce his works.

Ye Feng was employed by the School of Urban Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and was employed as an associate professor by the Xu Beihong School of Art at Renmin University of China. Currently, he is devoted to painting and is a professional painter with potential and accomplishments. His greatest wish is "to paint the magnificence of nature, to paint the pure heart and true love, and to paint the beautiful hope of mankind."

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