Posted on Thursday, January 2014, 1 16:15

[Guide] Where did China’s challenges in 2014 come from? The answer given by the famous American scholar Pei Minxin in the American Diplomat recently is: economic reform, corruption, and avoiding unnecessary conflicts with Japan. The article said that the second major challenge Xi Jinping and China faced in 2014 is to continue the anti-corruption campaign, which is widely supported by the masses but is also extremely risky.

But China's anti-corruption actions are continuing firmly. "French Kanban" magazine article stated that China's anti-corruption will continue to deepen in 2014. The struggle against high-end liquor consumption at the beginning of the new year shows that the current government will not relax the anti-corruption struggle during its tenure, and the disclosure of the 2013-2017 anti-corruption action plan also shows The government hopes to take measures to deal with systemic corruption. The article predicts that in 2014 the government may choose a certain "big tiger" as a breakthrough point for a new round of anti-corruption. The deepening of the anti-corruption struggle is beneficial to China's gradual reforms, and it is also useful for the implementation of deepening reforms in the economic field. Remove the barriers of some groups with vested interests. The article concludes that the 2014 reforms will be more "politicized" on the grounds that "the success or failure of reforms has always been determined by the political level, not the economic level."

The US "Huffington Post" stated that Xi Jinping's willingness to launch an anti-corruption campaign is a response to the public's anger against corruption. A positive result is that when investigating corruption cases involving high-ranking officials, more and more journalists feel for the first time that they no longer have to worry about being attacked by government agencies. However, it will take time to implement institutional reforms in China to make the actions of senior officials more transparent. It is hopeful that China is now moving in this direction.

Source: Global Times