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Mr. Shi’s landscape paintings are condensed and soft in the spirit of Gao Bo, and stretched out the beauty and beauty of nature in the smooth strokes. Harmony allows viewers to truly experience the feeling of "the country is like a picturesque country and the painting is like a country".


Mr. Shi Meifeng’s hometown, Yuyao, Zhejiang, is a hometown of beautiful mountains and green waters, smoke-filled clouds, rosy clouds, and villages in the south of the Yangtze River. Since childhood, he has cultivated in the magnificent rural nature. Mr. Shi has gradually developed a strong sense of the beauty of this nature. His interest, he deliberately smeared out the scenery of the landscape, he was arbitrary at first, but gradually entered the painting scene; from unconsciously to consciously, he became obsessed, painting has become his ideal in his life. He once said: "The only one who takes the good of my book is painting."


Mr. Shi Meifeng Yu1940Settled in Shanghai in the year, he studied under the famous painter, painter and art educator Mr. Shen Shijia. Under the guidance of Mr. Shijia, the art of painting improved rapidly. He devoted himself to the traditional techniques of the ancients and insisted on being close to nature. He has traveled to famous mountains and rivers such as Huangshan, Lushan, Yandang Mountain, Guilin, Yangtze River, etc., seeking the true meaning of nature in the landscape; capturing the inspiration of strange beauty in the landscape, creatively Describing the natural scenes is the essence of landscape painting.


Over the past few decades, he has conducted in-depth research on Chinese ink and wash paintings, and at the same time borrowed from the shading and color contrast of Western paintings. He has written and published many times, expressing his original insights, and put forward the importance of adhering to the unique brushwork of traditional Chinese ink paintings, but advocated Use the past for the present, keep innovating. He said that Chinese ink painting pays attention to pen and ink skills. It is mainly based on lines. The calligraphy and painting are of the same origin. They are not satisfied with the appearance and appearance. They pay attention to the inner expression and the artistic conception. This is the biggest difference from Western paintings. Therefore, he emphasized that in order to become a real Chinese ink painting, he must adhere to this characteristic. He theoretically summarized this uniqueness into three "naturals": ink and wash lines, Taoism nature; scatter perspective, browsing nature; poems, paintings, books, and seals, interpreting nature.


From Mr. Shi Meifeng's paintings, we can see his appropriate use of these three "natural" methods. His "Ling Feng Yun Man" and the accompanying poem: "Ling Feng Yun Man is very strange, the blue sky has no trace of geese, and there are many pilgrims in Guanyin Cave, who can really solve the mystery." Unfolding the artistic conception, let us see The beauty of Yandang Mountain is natural and innocent. The whole picture is wide-open, hidden in distant mountains, and ridges and ridges; layers of gates, like ordered musical scales, send Sanskrit sounds straight to the end of the sky. Watching this painting is like being on the scene. Hearing the Sanskrit sounds and seeing the clouds surrounding it, I feel relaxed and happy. (Picture XNUMX)


Another painting titled "The Yangtze River flows in ancient and modern times, the sails are changing for the old and the new, the wind and the clouds are changing, the world is still turbulent", highlighting Mr. Shi Meifeng's concentration on tracing nature, and his artistic style in his heart. In the painting, the mountains are majestic and steep, the river is rushing, and a solitary sail goes down the river, shuttles among the mountains and ridges that resemble the face of an ancient soldier, two pine trees stand upright by the river, seeming to welcome the lone sail's journey. The picture is like an epic and a poem, telling the story of "the country is so beautiful that countless heroes have fallen." It is inspiring and enlightening in life; it gives people a sense of harmony and auspiciousness. (Picture XNUMX)


Mr. Shi Meifeng took Tianyu as the pen name, and spent his entire life with "Yebi, ink, sound and rhyme" is the motto, which cultivates sentiment and applies it to his artistic creation. In his life, he has achieved great success. He is a Chinese first-class artist and a member of the Chinese Culture and Art Development Association. Expert member of UNESCO, Academician of Chinese Academy of Chinese Painting, Honorary Dean of Beijing Jinghua Lanting Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, Director of Chinese Calligraphy Artists Association, Vice President of Canadian Association of World Calligraphy and Painting Association; successively published "Selections of Shi Meifeng Landscape" and " Selected Works of Shi Meifeng.


His works and biographies have been included in more than ten dictionaries such as "Expo of Works by Famous Chinese Artists", "World Chinese Art Collection" and "Who's Who in the World"; his works have been included in the "Fifth International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" and " Won the gold medal in the XNUMXth International Painting and Calligraphy Works Aesthetic Competition, and exhibited in the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries; 2004In XNUMX, he was awarded the honorary title of "People's Artist" by the Chinese Writers Association "Art Newspaper";2005In the year, he was awarded by the "World UNESCO (WESCHO) "Golden Medal for the First Batch of Special Contribution Experts".


Although he has won many honors, Mr. Shi Meifeng is indifferent to fame and humble. He always understates his achievements when he talks about his achievements. He pays more attention to the development and spread of Chinese ink painting art. Now, he unreservedly imparts his long-term accumulated knowledge and experience to young people, hoping to create even higher Chinese landscape painters. He said: To learn Chinese painting, you must possess the "three qualities"-resilience, understanding, and spirituality. Among his many students, he focuses on the spirituality of the students and specially cultivates their resilience and understanding. At present, he has4Students won gold medals in the national painting and calligraphy competition,2Won the silver award, and5Name in "2000Won the Excellent Work Award in the "World Chinese Art Exhibition".


1995Mr. Shi Meifeng Nian once held a solo exhibition in Perth and was invited to give a speech entitled "How to Appreciate Chinese Painting". At that time, when interviewed by a reporter from the Western Australia Chinese Times, he sent a message to the reader: "I want to stand in this multi-ethnic country. Get up, in addition to integrating into this multicultural society, don't forget our roots. Chinese culture is an inexhaustible treasure house, and we have the responsibility to carry forward." This year, Mr. Shi Lao came to Perth again with the same mood and mission. When he visited many local libraries but failed to see an album of Chinese paintings, he felt very sorry. He said: I came here for two purposes, making friends with art, making friends with painting, and exchanging Chinese culture. I know that there are many artists who have achieved great achievements in China living in Perth. They are still making various efforts to promote Chinese culture here. I hope to have a picture album to promote them and store this album in various places in Australia. The big library allows more people and more peoples to understand China and Chinese culture. I am willing to do my best for this. At present, this is the biggest wish of Mr. Shi Meifeng.


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