Sydney Today, April 4th, Australian Eastern Time, when a Sydney couple took their teenage children to form a new family, they found that how to find a suitable house became a problem, because one of the families used to live in a modern apartment , While the other couple likes to live in a 11th century sandstone house.

       After repeated considerations, they purchased a large vacant warehouse in the inner west area, planning to create a "perfectly modernized house without losing the sense of history." With this great design concept, they found the designer Andrew Vingilis of Corben Architects.


       The warehouse is located in a flooded area that occurs once in 100 years. It is not a residential area and has special fire protection requirements. It also has to accommodate 3 children, 2 adults, and their favorite dogs and dogs. Collection of classic racing cars, in addition to building a floral workshop; these require special consideration of safety and privacy requirements when designing.

       The method adopted by Vngilis is to remove part of the roof and install a retractable roof; this can also design a new courtyard, and the house can be well ventilated and illuminated. The master bedroom suite, floral workshop, kitchen, and living/dining room are all built around the courtyard. A sliding door was opened at the back of the house so that the car can drive directly into the living area.


       The floor-to-ceiling glass bi-folding door design of the courtyard allows the living area to be kept open while protecting privacy and safety. Vingilis said: "Upstairs, three bedroom suites with the same design have been built into the existing roof truss. Both these bedrooms and a home theater can see the courtyard. All our rooms have maximized light and ventilation."

       The highly polished concrete floor and exposed steel beams, trusses and original brick walls facing the street all retain the original retro feel of the house.

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