2014-01-30 00:42:56 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

SYDNEY - On January 1, Australian Eastern Time, the Napthine (Victorian Governor) government has rejected a controversial hotel and apartment development plan by Chinese businessmen because this development plan may block the view of the Parliament Building.

Chinese developer Jinshan Investment Company plans to transform the Palace Theatre, a concert hall on Bourke Street in Melbourne, into a 72-meter-high tower, turning it into the Starwood W Hotel.

This plan was designed by architect Bates Smart and has received strong support from the Victorian Tourism Development Board and other business people. However, the Melbourne City Council and the Victorian Planning Department stated that the tower violated the height restrictions in the area and would block the view of the Parliament building.

Ken Ong, chairman of the Planning Department, said that although the developer has reduced the height by about 30 meters, it still does not match the Bourke Hillp area. "We try to maintain as much of the perspective as possible from the steps of the Parliament Building. This is a clear message. Sometimes people need to respect the planning regulations." He said.

But the developers said they will continue to negotiate with the Napthine government and Melbourne City Council, hoping to build this five-star W hotel.