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Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years. The UK is no longer a popular destination for Australians.

(The number of Australian expatriates in the UK has been decreasing in recent years)

Although the United Kingdom is still the country where immigrants from all over the world want to settle, and there are constant discussions within the United Kingdom on how to restrict foreign immigrants, the number of Australians is declining.

Ten years ago, Australian accents were often heard in many places in the West End of London. At that time, the United Kingdom was a dream destination for many young Australians. They used the United Kingdom as their base to travel to the European continent. Manchester and Edinburgh are traditionally also Australia. Popular settlement city for people.

But the latest figures show that thousands of Australians are "going home". The number of work visas issued by the British Home Office to Australians has been reduced by more than half since 2006 to only about 1.

The Bureau of Statistics report also shows that between 2011 and 2012, the number of Australian expatriates in the UK decreased by nearly XNUMX.
The departure of Australians from the UK has been a heavy blow to many businesses. Many bars with Australian style as the main feature have closed down, and shops that specialize in Australian food have also been forced to close.

Economic reasons

Some analysts believe that the economy is the main reason for Australians returning from the UK: Australia’s economic growth is strong, but the UK is still struggling.
The Australian dollar has appreciated a lot more than before. Australians don’t have to work in the UK to have money and come to Europe in the summer.
Moreover, doing the same job in Australia might make twice as much money as in the UK.

According to the consulting company responsible for human resource recruitment in the financial and technology industries, applicants from Australia are usually well-trained and English is their mother tongue, which are very favorable conditions. However, the British government did not provide them with easy access to work visas, and the British labor market has been sluggish for many years, so it is difficult to retain talents from Australia.

The new visa policy implemented in the United Kingdom in 2011 set a maximum of 2 Australians, and another 7 places are allowed for so-called "professionals."
The UK Home Office stated that the change in visa policy should not affect the number of Australians who legally travel to and work in the UK. And 2 people have increased by 7 from 2009.

A spokesperson for the British Foreign Office said: We value the close relationship with Australia, which is built on the strong ties between the Commonwealth and Common History.
Nevertheless, the reason why Australians left the UK is also the reason why they left their hometown.

Asian identity

Dale Eaton, chairman of the Anglo-Australia Association, said that "Australian society has undergone great changes in the past decade." The number of members of the association has decreased by XNUMX% in the past year.
He said Australia has become a super confident country with high expectations for quality and service.

Entrepreneurs share the same feeling. They believe that Australia no longer has more opportunities than London, and Australia’s proximity to Asia is a perfect opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs.

For the younger generation of Australians, they also tend to identify with their Asian identity. They even hope that the countries they travel to are no longer the UK, but Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and China.

Nevertheless, it will take time for the younger generation of Australians to become rare animals like the national treasure "Koala" in the UK.

(BBC Chinese website)