It's dangerous to walk while texting

Updated on 24 January 2014, 16:09 AEST
Compiler: Fan Huiqiang, Editor: Ma Jianyuan

Australian research reports show that when a person is walking and texting, he is more likely to lose his balance and fall. The report also shows that the walking and texting person walks like a robot.

texting Text messages while walking and unbalanced have a high chance of falling down (Credit: ABC)

Shabalon, a physiotherapist at the University of Western Sydney, said that when a person is walking, he will slow down when he is texting, and he will move from left to right instead of walking in a straight line. She said it was like a robot walking.

At present, people are very concerned about the dangers of texting while driving, but few people pay attention to the dangers of texting while walking. In recent years, reports of text messages falling into fountains, crashing into pillars, or walking onto train tracks have increased unabated.

Shabalun said that they did an experiment and used a video camera to take pictures of people walking while watching text messages and sending text messages. Later, I found out that many people thought they were walking in a straight line, but in fact they were walking from left to right. This study found that texting while walking is more dangerous than looking at the phone while walking.

Their research also found that a large percentage of respondents said that they caused accidents by texting while walking. Shabalun said that about 35% of people reported that they had had accidents such as collisions or falls.