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Following the trend of O2O, L'Oréal will set up a special vending machine at the 42nd Street-Brant Park Subway Station in New York to get in touch with passers-by.

The full name of this machine is "Smart Make-up Experience Machine". It has two large touch screens and a full-length mirror. It uses cameras and sensors to provide product recommendations to passing customers.


It will ask customers whether they like "coordination color" or "contrast color", and then digitally simulate their outline and favorite makeup.

Then it will recommend L'Oréal makeup products based on the customer's choice, prompting you to "buy it if you like it", and customers can buy directly on the machine. Even if they don't want to buy it right away, they can choose to send this makeup look to themselves via email.


The other screen of this machine also displays the blogs and pictures of beauty bloggers.

L'Oréal hopes to provide a personalized and convenient shopping experience in places unexpected for customers.

Japanese fast fashion company Uniqlo also recently opened a guerrilla shop at Union Square subway station in New York.

Not long ago, the luxury brand Kate Spade and eBay launched a 24-hour shopping digital window (see related reading for details).

L'Oréal’s smart makeup experience machine was developed in cooperation with digital agency R/GA and CBS outdoor advertising company. Of course, it has also obtained permission from the New York subway authority. The machine will be between November 11th and December 4th. Open to the public.

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