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Source: Wuhan Evening News|
Editor: Beibei

Yesterday afternoon, Ai Jinzhong's younger brother (second from right) went to the police station in front of Hankou Railway Station to call the police.

Yesterday, Ai Jinzhong, a migrant worker in Runan County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, entrusted his brother to call our newspaper's news hotline 82333333 to thank the young woman who reminded him of losing money. The day before yesterday, Lao Aigang received 2 yuan in wages. After buying the tickets at Hankou Railway Station, he scattered along the road. After a young woman reminded him, he picked up 3400 yuan.

Two months ago, Ai Jinzhong came to Wuhan with his eldest brother, fourth brother, and five other people in the same village to do small jobs at a construction site in Optics Valley. At about 5 pm the day before yesterday, the three Ai Jinzhong brothers went to the foreman to receive their wages. Because the other five people in the same village had returned to their hometown first, the contractor gave all the 4 yuan wages of eight people to Ai Jinzhong and asked him to distribute it after returning to his hometown.

With 2 yuan in wages, the three brothers went to Hankou Railway Station to buy the train tickets to go home. The eldest and fourth brothers walked ahead, and Ai Jinzhong followed behind. When they were about to cross the zebra crossing to the opposite Youth Road, a 30-year-old woman with a little boy came up and said: "Hey, fellow, your money was sprinkled all the way and it was picked up by others. Go and find it!"

Ai Jin touched the inner pocket of the padded jacket, and the money was gone. Looking back, there were some hundred dollar bills scattered on the ground not far away, being blown away by the wind. The eldest brother and the fourth brother immediately went back to pick up the money with Ai Jinzhong. After picking up 3400 yuan, and then walking back, they couldn't see the money that fell.

Yesterday morning, Ai Jinzhong returned to Zhumadian full of regret. Before leaving, he commissioned Ai Zhongying, his fourth younger brother who was still working in Wuhan, to find a way to thank the young woman who kindly reminded him.

Ai Zhongying said that he was so anxious that he turned around to pick up the money, and did not even say a word of thanks to the woman who reminded them. Yesterday, Ai Jinzhong told reporters on the phone that he must help him in the newspaper to thank the woman who reminded him, "Money is earned by people. If you lose it, you can earn it back. If you lose the courtesy, you can't make up for it." . When he got home, he planned to borrow money to repay other workers' wages.

Yesterday, the reporter accompanied Ai Zhongying to the police station of Jianghan Public Security Bureau to report the situation. The police said that the Hankou Railway Station has a large flow of people and it is difficult to find it. This newspaper urges that if you pick up Master Ai’s wages, please contact our newspaper’s news hotline 82333333 in time.