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[Guide] The final of the 2014 Miss Japan Contest was held in Tokyo on the 27th. Moeka Numata, a 21-year-old and calligraphy-loving philosophy student, won the Miss Japan championship. A contestant who is proficient in Chinese answered the judges' questions in Chinese but failed to win the prize.

The theme of this year's Miss Japan Contest is "Beauty of the Soul in Action". A total of 2533 people from all over Japan participated in the contest. In the end, 13 participants entered the finals on the 27th. The final is divided into three parts: kimono display, dress display and swimsuit display, and each session has judges to ask questions.

Moeka Numata, who won the title of Miss Japan this year, is from Oita Prefecture, Japan. She is currently studying in the third year of philosophy at Tokyo Sacred Heart Women's University. Moeka Numata started to learn calligraphy when she was 5 years old. Since then, she has often participated in various calligraphy competitions and exhibitions. Copying Buddhist scriptures and ancient poems has now become one of her after-school hobbies. She also regards spreading the charm of calligraphy as her ideal. Numata Moeka said that since she was in college, she will cook for her parents every day after returning home from vacation. The food she cooks not only tastes good, but she also considers the health of her parents to minimize salt.

Numata's dream is to promote Japanese culture overseas. She expressed that she wants to "live in France and teach children (my good) calligraphy". She also smiled and said: "The ideal man is (actor) Shosuke Tanihara. He is a demeanor gentleman, calm and handsome."

  除日本小姐冠军之外,本次大赛还评出了“和服小姐”、“自然小姐”、“海之日小姐”、“水之天使”和“准日本小姐”,分别为尾崎优子(19岁、大学生)、 长谷川舞衣(20岁、大学生)、花冈麻里名(23岁、研究生)、神田Rimi(20岁、大学生)、臼田美关(21岁、大学生)获得。

In the finals on the 27th, a contestant who was proficient in Chinese answered the judges' questions in Chinese. The contestant is named Tomoko Uehara, from Yokohama, Japan, and is currently a senior in the Department of Medicine. Tomoko Uehara said that he passed the highest level of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) level XNUMX, and he is familiar with Chinese culture. Unfortunately, Tomoko Uehara had the least preparation time for answering questions from the judges because he was ranked number one, and was a little nervous during the competition, and ultimately failed to win the prize.

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