According to the latest survey conducted by the Australian Graduate Vocational Survey Association, in Australia’s labor market, the unemployment rate of master graduates is 2.6%-2.7%, while the unemployment rate of undergraduate graduates is 3.0%. Graduates without a higher education degree The unemployment rate in Australia is 7.1%, while the unemployment rate in Australia is 5.1%.

At the same time, the survey also showed that: 85% of fresh graduate students can find a full-time job with a salary of 73000 Australian dollars, while undergraduate students only have 52000 Australian dollars. Experts remind that among the many abilities, communication skills are most important to employers, so a good language foundation is a prerequisite for a high-paying career.

Graduate courses in Australia are divided into two types: teaching type and research type. According to the survey, the salary of a postgraduate course is 76000 AUD, while the salary of a research postgraduate is 75000 AUD. Among them, the salary of business majors, lawyers and engineers is above 80000 Australian dollars; the computer professional is also quite popular, with 79700 Australian dollars; the income of accountants is fairly modest, with 56500 Australian dollars; but the income of architects is slightly lower, only 46000 Australian dollars , Because this profession has to do an internship to obtain certification after completing studies. The study abroad consultant reminds that, among the many abilities, employers value the applicant’s communication skills most. "It is recommended that international students lay a solid foundation in language, understand local culture, especially employment culture, and expand their interpersonal circle."

List of employment situation of graduates of taught master degree
Proportion of professional men to women's proportion of full-time jobs Proportion of salary (AUD)
Business research 59.4% 40.6% 89.0% 90000
Electrical engineering 93% 7% 91.2% 85000
Law 46.7% 53.1% 87% 85000
Economics 63.8% 36.2% 85.1% 80000
Computer Science 79.7% 20.3% 84.8% 79700
Civil engineering 89.1% 10.9% 89.8% 75000
Education 24% 76% 79.9% 70000
Social workers 15.1% 83.8% 70.4% 65000
Electronic and computer engineering 84.3% 15.7% 82.9% 60000
Accounting 46.5% 53.4% ​​84.1% 56500 XNUMX
Construction 53.2% 46.6% 87.3% 46000