Sydney Today, April 4, Australia Eastern Time, more than 6 properties on the northwest railway route will be acquired and demolished by the state, because the government will carry out the construction of the largest transportation project since the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Yesterday, the first environmental impact report was released, which announced residential and commercial areas that may be affected by noise, vibration and traffic during the five-year construction. Nearly two-thirds of the 5-kilometer long railway, which cost 90 billion Australian dollars, will be built underground from Bella Vista to Epping. The tunnel is the deepest in Australia, 23 meters underground. The remaining four kilometers is the "elevated light rail" from Bella Vista to Rouse Hill.

There are about 60 villas, more than 30 companies and two other properties will be forcibly acquired. In Cherrybrook, 28 villas will be demolished to make way for the new train station. The Hills Centre station in Castle Hill will result in 11 businesses having to relocate. The other 7 properties to be relocated are located on Windsor Road near Kellyville Ridge.

A spokesperson for the Northwest Railway Line said: "The government understands that compulsory acquisition of properties'may cause difficulties for many people.' However, the government will conduct friendly consultations with the affected people at all times and will do as much as possible. Provide help to make the relocation plan go smoothly."

Hornsby Shire Mayor Nick Berman pointed out that some owners are worried about relocation, but most people understand the benefits of the “big picture”. He said: "There will always be people who have no plans to relocate. No amount of money will be able to fully satisfy them, but I think this is a minority after all."

The tunnel will be built around the clock, and the above-ground construction work, including the eight new railway stations, will be carried out mainly during the day from Monday to Saturday. Residents and institutions along the Epping to Rouse Hill railway will be affected, including Hillsong Church in Baulkham Hills, Beecroft Elementary School in West Pennant Hills and Koala Park Sanctuary. The government will adopt measures such as noise barriers and sheds to minimize noise impact.

Approximately 2400 million cubic meters of soil will be dug out, which will generate truck driving and other noise. The project requires the relocation of some endangered ecological communities, including Cumberland Plain Woodland and possible habitats for 6 endangered plants and XNUMX endangered animal species. Companies located in Hornsby Shire, Hills Shire and Blacktown City may also be affected by reduced visibility, noise and vibration, but will benefit from this railway in the future.

The project will generate 16200 jobs and will bring an economic output value of 250 billion to New South Wales; this railway will connect 30 residential areas in northwestern Sydney with Epping, North Sydney and the commercial center of Sydney. The environmental impact announcement will be announced on May 5. The second announcement includes the design of the station. Other railway facilities and signal systems will be announced in the second half of this year.

The tunnel project is expected to start in 2014, and the railway will start operation in 2019. (Wendy)

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