Sydney Today, March 3th, Australia Eastern Time, a recent report showed that last year, one in ten Australians across the country reduced the cost of living by changing to smaller houses last year.

Citibank announced this week: Their survey found that 63% of people believe that buying real estate is not a good choice for their children; at the same time, about 75% believe that the government is taking more action to help first-time homebuyers reduce Difficulty in buying a house. Citibank’s survey shows that housing costs are one of the three biggest financial pressures Australians are currently facing. But Vibha Coburn, the head of Citibank's mortgage loans, pointed out that although Australia's housing purchasing power is almost the worst in the world, if you plan properly, you can still be able to buy a house. She said that after work, you should develop the habit of saving earlier and stick to it.

Coburn said that the Fin-Q survey found that 11% of Australians cut their expenses by changing to smaller houses. It also shows that the reduction of our aging population has led to a reduction in pensions, which has caused our young people to no longer borrow to the maximum, but start Choose a more conservative approach. People might say that I want a house where I can afford a loan, not a house where I can’t breathe.

Citi's survey results also show that 62% of Australians believe that real estate is too expensive and they have to adjust their expectations of life. Mortgage consultant Belinda Williamson pointed out that in order to improve your ability to buy a house, you should have a deposit account and then establish an automatic transfer relationship with your payroll card; or you can open a family savings plan account. Pay 15% less interest tax; or, letting family members help you share part of the loan or buying a house with friends is also a good choice. (Wendy)