Sydney Today, April 4th, Australia Eastern Time, the eye-catching "High Clere" is located in the town of Mount Martha, the view of the house can see the most charming scenery. In the north, you can sweep the mountainside of South Beach. The arc of the beach outside the house is connected with the colorful boat sheds, and you can see the horizon extending from Port Phillip Bay to the city.

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The newest owner has been enjoying this stray life here for nearly 25 years. Children and grandchildren happily played hide and seek on the trampoline in this 2600 square meter garden. Family, friends, and friends of friends are enjoying the fun of a glass of red wine and brisk piano music by the fire, and neighbors go swimming here in summer and hold parties on the terrace. What kind of enjoyment is this?

On the top floor of the villa, there is a perfect room for flower paintings and a pool table where you can have fun. This 4-bedroom villa became a paradise for the family’s joy. They renovated the roof in the 20s and built an infinity swimming pool and bath in 90. They have recently repainted the exterior of the house, but the rest of the villa remains the same. Although the structure of the house is stable and livable, the new owner still has to take care of the surface, such as replacing the carpet, painting the interior, and updating the kitchen and bathroom (2001).

The villa at 47 Two Bays Crescent in Mount Martha is currently for sale privately through Warlimont & Nutt (5974 1401) for an asking price of A$360 million. (Ivy)