time:2010-03-31source:The Australian Times Author:Lu Zhonghua


If someone who is keen on exploring and appreciating "modern art" reads these works, they will say that this is a different "modern Chinese painting" and will unanimously experience the various techniques and intentions of the work. However, if you take a closer look at these works, you will find that they are actually far from the ancient Chinese paintings, especially from the ancient so-called "literati painting" style. Some works are not even easily accepted by ordinary viewers. The reason is that it abandons all traditional Chinese paintings and their complete formulas and expression methods, but uses simple and clear folk modeling language, symbols, woodblock New Year pictures and paper-cut modeling features to express the original life experience and village community cultural experience. The work puts more emphasis on the strength and firmness of woodcuts. This feeling is deepened in the brush, and the characters’ eyebrows, mouths, noses, flowers, birds, fish and insects are made special changes, the individuality is outstanding, and there are some weird and humorous elements. It seems that I want to make some unique attempts in terms of handling. Strive to be vivid and vivid in the fine, bold and unrestrained, solitary, one less business change, but more precise and smooth. To say that it does not belong to traditional Chinese painting, it is truly "authentic national product" in terms of form, weather, subject matter, and tools and materials; to say that it is authentic traditional Chinese painting, it seems difficult to find a certain genre. Looking at these works with the understanding of "composition", "brushstrokes", and "texture", it seems that they can also find the basis; and from the perspective of certain color styles, it is not difficult to find some "modern paintings". "The same origin. "From the perspective of the audience of these works, at first they were not favored by overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong and Taiwan who liked Chinese painting. On the contrary, they were more attracted by Westerners who may belong to the "China Master". "Understand" and don't comment, but experts who have obtained traditional painting pay more attention to these works themselves" (selected from the audience's comments on these works in the Kidogo Arthonse Fremantle exhibition in 2000).

In my opinion, the diversified styles of the works are not learned from the different schools of the ancients, but are unearthed from many different understandings of contemporary life and different perceptions of contemporary culture. Therefore, this is one thing. This breath close to the times is a breath of contemporary culture and contemporary people. Although it may not be mature or typical, at least it will not be stupid or clueless. What people all hope is what I want to explore and make it more perfect. Hope to get corrections from the majority of admirers.

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