The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of NSW learned on Thursday that an employee of the Road Traffic Administration admitted to accepting a bribe from a company and took the whole family to Batemans Bay for a holiday.

Phillip Burnie is a team leader in the store department of the Road Traffic Administration, where he has worked for 32 years. Burnie from the Rockdale region admitted to taking bribes from Hilindi Pty Ltd (operating under the company name of R & R Tapes) between 2004 and 2009. At first, Burnie got in touch with Doug Quinn, the company's sales representative, and later Martin Slade, the next sales representative, purchased safety gloves. In the process, he accepted the "red envelope" given by the company. It is reported that the company not only gave out a DVD player, but also a Harvey Norman electrical gift certificate worth 450 yuan.

Amjad Maaya, an official of the Liverpool City Council street maintenance agency, admitted on Thursday that between August 2009 and December last year, he had received gift certificates worth 8 yuan from chemical supplier Momar Australia. Maaya met with the company’s sales representative, Paul Goldin, and asked the latter to send a "gift" to his home. But later, Goldin repeatedly asked Maaya to purchase goods from his company, which made Maaya very disgusted, and asked Goldin not to visit without permission before calling. Currently, Maaya has resigned after being exposed by ICAC for taking bribes.

Another Liverpool city government official, Max Bancroft, who has resigned, also admitted to accepting bribes from Momar Australia from July 2009 to December last year, receiving 7 yuan gift certificates and two iPods.

Robert Vagne, a warehouse manager at the Byron County Council, also admitted that since the day he worked for the City Council in 1994, he has collected benefits from different suppliers, with a total amount of 90 yuan. One of the bribery companies was R & R Tapes. But on December 12 last year, Vagne was dismissed after being found out by the general manager.