Only 5% of employers in Australia are satisfied with the basic literacy of graduates.

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According to the latest survey results, the literacy standards of Australian higher education graduates have failed to meet the expectations of more than 36% of employers, and nearly XNUMX% of employers also said that they have not left a deep impression on the mathematics level of graduates.
The Australian Industry Group announced relevant survey results at the Higher Education Conference in Canberra this Wednesday, revealing the evaluation of Australian employers on university graduates.
The survey interviewed 500 employers covering all industries in the country's economy, mainly companies from the manufacturing and construction industries. The survey generally consulted employers’ satisfaction with university graduates, higher education institutions and job training institutions, and found that only 58.8% of employers are satisfied with the basic literacy of graduates, while employers are satisfied with graduates. The degree of satisfaction with mathematics ability is slightly higher. About 64.1% of employers believe that graduates are qualified in mathematics.
Innes Willox, CEO of Australian Industries Group, said at the meeting that most of the ability ratings in the survey were generally satisfactory.
He said: "However, this number is unbearable. Only 58% of employers are satisfied with the basic literacy and English ability of graduates."

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