Picture: A glimpse of people celebrating Australia's National Day

Updated on 26 January 2014, 21:14 AEST
Editor: Fang Teng

January 1 is Australia’s National Day. Many new immigrants will participate in the naturalization ceremony on this day. The Australia Day Committee will announce the final results of the annual Australians the day before and announce the list of Australians who have been commended. Fireworks, barbecues, and beach swimming have all become common Australian ways to celebrate National Day.

On Australia’s National Day 2014, 18000 people from all over the country attended the official naturalization ceremony. Some Australians choose to spend this day at the beach, in the park or in their backyard.

In Canberra, the capital of Australia, people held the annual Australian unveiling ceremony. This year's Australian is an Aboriginal Australian Football League player and anti-racism activist Adam Goodes.

Below is a glimpse of the 2014 Australian National Day celebrations recorded by ABC reporters and listeners:

Indigenous people are the First People of Australia, but some indigenous people regard Australia Day as an invasion day. Because on January 1788, 1, British captain Cook arrived in Sydney, Australia with a group of prisoners, and this day was later designated as Australia’s National Day.

This year's Outstanding Australian of the Year is Aboriginal Australian football player, Adam Guz, an anti-racist activist.

T-shirts and cold beer jackets made of the Australian flag pattern bring a more festive atmosphere.

Face painting is a favorite of children. Put an Australian flag on your face to add a festive atmosphere.

Naturalization on Australia's National Day is too much pride for many new immigrants.

On the day of National Day, various celebrations will be held in various places, and this family member participated in the celebrations held in the capital Canberra. The color of the wig is so gorgeous!

Australia is surrounded by the sea, so Australians have a soft spot for beach culture. Even on Australia’s National Day, everyone can’t forget to sun, swim and play on the beach.

Australia's most well-known food is meat pie. The tomato sauce is painted in the shape of the Australian territory to add more effect.

For many Australians, watching a cricket match on Australia Day is one of the joys.