Sydney Today, on March 3, Australian Eastern Time, people in 29 local government districts in Queensland received emails with property valuation information. This valuation information will be used to determine the tax and rent of the weekly land. The Queensland Valuation Report for 58 was released. Seeing the valuation results, it can be said that several companies are happy and worried!

Queensland's chief appraiser Neil Bray pointed out that the 2012 appraisal reflects all the changes that have occurred in the past 12 months, but except for areas where mining and resource heat are located, other regions "are still weak." In the latest estimate, the regional municipality of Gladstone rose the most at 19%, but the municipality of Cassowary waterfront-still affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Yasi-fell by 13.7%.

In the latest round of appraisal, the value of Gold and Sunshine coastal areas fell by 4% and 5% respectively, Ipswich remained unchanged, Brisbane rose by 1%; CBD is the most rising suburb, rising by 22.39%, the current average house price Ferny Grove also performed well, rising 41%, and the current average house price is 20.99 Australian dollars; but St Lucia fell 24.5%, but St Lucia homeowners don’t have to worry because the average house price in the area is still high The A$19.23 in the suburbs of Brisbane is second only to A$63 in New Farm and A$69 in Newstead.

CSA’s independent valuer and property consultant Tim Bodman pointed out: This report fully reflects the current status of the real estate market. Some areas have performed much better than others, but in general, the real estate market has been in the past 12 months. The performance is really poor.

Tim said: "I think the reason for the decline of St Lucia should be the floods in 2011; in Brisbane, only a few areas of Spring Hill have increased. I don't know if the reason is widely spread. The real estate market overcomes obstacles. After the chief appraiser released the report, he reminded the homeowner painfully: the appraisal notice is not a real price notice, it only provides a basis for the local government to set tax rates. Bodman said: “It is necessary to let people see more In the long run, because every real estate is different, we should just use the average price of real estate in our district as a reference. "


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