The picture shows Jarnold, the truck driver of the mine. (Image source: News Co., Ltd. website)

According to the News Co., Ltd. website, a mining service contractor recently issued a job advertisement saying that it would recruit 50 female truck drivers. These drivers will work for one year at an open-pit mine in Queensland.
The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal gave the green light to the mining services contractor Downer EDI Mining. This job advertisement will not be considered as a violation of the Anti-Discrimination Act.

The company stated that they hope to break gender and career stereotypes through this recruitment. The company will hire 10 female truck drivers every year and arrange them to work in open-pit mines in central and southeast Queensland.

The company said that male employees are more adventurous. Increasing female employees engaged in mining can help establish a safe working environment.

The arbitration tribunal was informed that the number of female employees accounted for 14% of Downer EDI Mining's total employees, and the company hopes to increase this ratio to 2020% by 25.

Haylee Yarnold, 26, was a former hairdresser. She has been driving a truck at an open-pit mine near Toowoomba for 8 months.

"I have always wanted to be in the mining industry. This is the change I want to see. I enjoy my work every minute," Jarnold said.

It is reported that Jarnold is one of the two female drivers of the mine. She works 2 days a week and 5 hours a day. Arnold, with a salary of up to six figures, said that her male colleagues regarded her as a sister or daughter.