Sydney Today, April 4, Australian Eastern Time, Queensland's Prime Minister Campbell Newman has begun to fulfill his promise to reduce the cost of living and reduce the red tape in the housing market approval process to help the housing market get out of the downturn.

Gold Coast Bulletin reported: The first meeting of the LNP cabinet was held yesterday and it was decided to cancel the template for the controversial sustainability statement, which has plagued sellers since 2010. The cabinet meeting has officially passed the proposal to restore stamp duty concessions since July 2012, 7. Newman pointed out: This move can help ordinary Queenslanders save nearly 1 Australian dollars when buying a house.

From July 7st, people who travel to and from work every day will be able to have a "go card" and use public transportation for free as long as they travel more than 1 times a week, and the waste tax on buses will also be exempted. Prime Minister Campbell Newman pointed out: He used meetings to emphasize the importance of saving money in various ways. If every family in Queensland saves $9, the total is $1 million.

The industry generally believes that this series of actions will help the recovery and further development of the real estate industry.

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