2014-01-27 14:45:41 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney News On Saturday afternoon, January 1th, Australian Eastern Time, a perverted man chased two girls in a park in Zillmere, Queensland, shouting "Do you have milk?", then the man was arrested. And the dramatic scene that happened last night seemed to confirm the saying that "the wicked pays off", his house was actually set on fire.

Last Saturday afternoon, 49-year-old Mark Gordon Devlin was riding a bicycle in Zillmere, Queensland, chasing a 10-year-old and 14-year-old girl and shouting "Do you have milk? How I wish I could see it!". The two girls tried to get rid of Devlin and hid in a nearby chicken farm. Later, the man opened his hands and feet to prevent them from crossing the road.

Police said the girls managed to escape and stole Devlin's bicycle while running away.

Today, at Brisbane's City Watchhouse (Brisbane's City Watchhouse), the judge informed him that his house was set to the ground last night. After hearing the news of this tragedy, Devlin, with tears in his eyes, told the court: "I am not surprised."

It is reported that Devlin has been released on bail and he will appear in court again in February.