2014-01-27 09:47:11 Source: Sydney Original Website Celiaedit

Sydney – A little girl was in danger of being kidnapped at a gas station north of Mackay on January 1, Eastern Time, Australia.

At first, the woman spoke to the 7-year-old girl in the toilet of the BP service station in Coingsby, and then pulled her arm out of the toilet and out of the gas station door.

The girl struggled and finally escaped and found her family.

It is understood that the woman got in a light blue or silver Hyundai Accent sedan, the driver was a young man, and then they drove away. The police released the CCTV footage a few days ago.

The woman is white, about 25 years old, about 178cm tall, thin, with brown hair, wearing denim shorts and a light-colored T-shirt.

The man is also white, aged between 18-25, dark skin, and a height of about 183cm.