Sydney Today, on April 4st, Australian Eastern Time, a two-bedroom apartment with the best view of Sydney houses was sold for $1 million yesterday, but this apartment has one flaw in that it does not have a garage.

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Yesterday, a large number of buyers flocked to the "Super Saturday" auction site, and the apartment Kirribilli on Waruda Street was sold at a price of $20 higher than the reserve price. The owner of the house, John Allan, is from Melbourne and works as a narrator. He said that the house is located on the fifth floor (top floor) of No. 1908 in the 1908 Miami block. He bought the house 32 years ago for $25.

Mr Allan said yesterday: "People will say:'Wow, it's expensive', but I told them:'This house has the closest balcony to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.' So, it won't be very expensive. The house is worth the price."

Yesterday, there were 737 houses waiting to be traded at the auction site, the largest auction market since 2010.

The buyer of the Kirribilli apartment is 74-year-old Wang ke Qiang. His first bid was $120 million. He has a house in a nearby block. Mr Qiang and his 49-year-old wife Sur Zhe feel that the new apartment layout is better, but they may keep the original house. This transaction was completed through Blues Point Real Estate.

Elsewhere in Sydney, Bresic Whitney boss Shannan Whitney expressed his delight that his company’s liquidation rate has reached 87.5%. He said: "All our houses are in the low-to-mid price range-$50 to $180 million. The market at this price level is very good." However, 16 of the 7 houses planned for auction were sold before Saturday. It's done, and this kind of advance transaction seems very popular. Alex Phillips of the agent Goodyer Donnelley said: "All my three houses have been traded in advance."

The auctioneer Damien Cooley's company has 81 auctions in the city. He said that the auction had a bumper harvest yesterday, with a clearance rate of 57%. But the overall situation is not so ideal. The 7 transaction results of Fairfax-owned Australian Property Monitors announced at 533pm yesterday showed that its clearance rate was only 53.8%, which was lower than last Saturday's 60.1%. Dr Andrew Wilson, senior economist at APM, said: “Once we have so many properties on the market for trading, it is difficult for us to agree on the opinions of buyers and sellers.” (Ivy)