2014-01-25 10:42:47 Source: Australian website Alisonedit

The tree kangaroo is an endangered animal, and it is difficult to raise and breed artificially. However, recently at the Canberra National Zoo and Aquarium, a pair of tree kangaroos formed a family and gave birth to cubs, which delighted the zoo staff. Recently, this cub finally met with the public.

Senior breeder Shelley Russel said that tree kangaroos are very difficult to breed. The female mouse Oumak and the male mouse Kubu, the tree-kangaroo "couple" were successfully paired after participating in an international breeding program in 2012. Russell said, "Because many zoos have been unable to successfully pair male and female tree kangaroos and breed offspring, and the reason is unknown, we feel very lucky."

What made them unbelievable was that the two tree-kangaroos got along very well after they met for the first time. Oumak quickly became pregnant with cubs and finally gave birth to cubs. Since the cub has to stay in the mother's belly for at least 18 months, the zoo does not know whether the cub is female or male. However, Russell said that after the cubs leave the mother animal’s belly, it will also shoulder the responsibility of the tree-kangaroo breeding program and contribute to the continuation of their species.

(Australia Net)