Sydney Today, April 4, Australia Eastern Time, the City of Sydney is publicizing a proposal to turn Walsh Bay, which is full of warehouses, wharf apartments and art districts, into its own suburbs.

Under this proposal, the junction of Dalgety Road and Windmill Street in Millers Point and the area behind Lower Fort Street in Dawes Point will belong to Walsh Bay, and the adjacent housing estates will remain under the original suburbs of Dawes Point and Millers Point.

The new district and the old district share the same postal code, but other areas are quite different. The new area of ​​Walsh Bay will quickly develop into one of the wealthiest areas in Sydney, while the residents of the old area are mostly poor people in the CBD area. The Walsh Bay District Council is the residential, cultural and office building management department, and it has been promoting this reform as early as 2009.

Jim Warren, head of the Walsh Bay District Council, said: “One of the problems is that we have not been approved by emergency services, government agencies, public utilities, map surveying agencies and other departments. Efforts to become a district or "urban area"—like Chinatown in Haymarket, Haymarket in Potts Point or Kings Cross—have not solved this problem. Kings Cross is obviously part of the suburb of Potts Point, but Walsh Bay is a fairly large entity, with more than 3000 people working or living here, and it has become a cultural center.

The council expects that Walsh Bay will be divided into 624 residents, reducing the number of residents in Millers Point from 2013 to 1729, and Dawes Point from 764 to 424. This proposal was strongly opposed by urban historian Lisa Murray. He told the council: The long-term sense of belonging and maritime heritage of these two regions will be lost due to this change, which have been 187 years and 212 years respectively. XNUMX years of history.

Murray said: "The renaming of parts of Millers Point and Dawes Point to Walsh Bay will reduce the historical and social value of genetic properties in these areas." But Millers Point Resident Action Group CEO Millicent Chalmers said: "This Change is very welcome, and'no matter where the line is drawn, we know exactly who we are'." (Wendy)

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