Sydney Today, April 4, AEST, Singapore developer Chip Eng Seng is continuing to expand its construction scope in Melbourne. It plans to build a landmark building containing 4 apartments, covering an area of ​​555 square meters. Its holding company in Australia, Australia Everbright Holdings, has proposed a plan to build an abandoned office building at 859 Queen Street into a 150-story residential tower with a height of 66 meters, which was the previous Prudential Building. Six times higher.

Chip Eng Seng pointed out that the Sydney-based real estate company Charter Hall last year had office assets covering an area of ​​8000 square meters and costing A$2.55 million. It proposed that the redevelopment plan for residential areas covering an area of ​​more than 25000 square meters must be approved by the Minister of Planning Matthew Guy. The plan can improve the ability to buy houses, sustainably develop and provide employment opportunities, so it is hopeful that it will be approved.

距此不远的William Street 199号,Guy最近新批准了一栋包含547套公寓,94个停车位,占地14943平米的办公大楼。该规划的20层的前通信办公楼将增加至23层。这些申请都比前规划部部长Justin Madden在其执政后期批准的那些“雄伟”的建筑更密集。2011维多利亚州民事及行政法庭批准的位于Russell街276号的Crystal Gardens项目包括154套无车位单元房,高度为36层。

In 2010, a building covering 163 square meters of ground, containing 28 apartments, replaced the original Flinders Street real estate with a 29-storey apartment tower; before that, VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Court: Most real estate disputes were resolved here) ) The developer’s application to build a 41-story tower here was rejected. Last month, Everbright sold its mixed building on MacKenzie Street for A$3.3 million. (Wendy)

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