Sydney Today, April 4th, Australian Eastern Time, the latest data shows that the proportion of recipients of government rent assistance in the capital area suffering from housing pressure is the highest in the country. This also means that Canberra’s tenants receiving federal government rent assistance are among the worst in the country.

54% of Canberrans who have received government rent assistance are under the pressure of housing discounts, which means they spend more than 30% of their income on housing. The Senate Committee on Community Affairs and Australians for Affordable Housing issued a report today saying that the proportion in the Capital Region is higher than in other states and regions, with the national average of 41%.

Leigh Watson, CEO of ACT Housing, pointed out: Obviously, the federal government's rent assistance cannot help people get rid of the housing predicament. On the one hand, Canberra has to systematically reform the private housing market; on the other hand, it has to improve its own rent assistance measures.

A total of 9233 Canberrans receive different forms of rental assistance from the federal government, including 11 types of assistance, such as Newstart, Aged Pension and Austudy. Among the 11 types of housing pressure in the first special area, 10 types are higher than the national average. The most serious problem is the students. Of the 2479 people who received help, 2041 have housing pressure, which is as high as 82%.

The Finance Minister of the First Territory, Andrew Barr, admitted that for many Canberrans, buying a house is a big problem, but denied any form of subsidized rent assistance program. He said: "We don't need to imitate the federal government's policies, such as rent assistance, but the government will formulate targeted and effective strategies to improve the ability to buy houses in the capital area."

Barr also pointed out: 84 of the 55 incentive measures of the Prime Minister's Affordable Housing Program have been completed, and the remaining 26 are in progress. Sarah Toohey, spokesperson for affordable housing in Australia, admitted that rents in the capital are too high and the federal government has the responsibility to help those who are under housing pressure to relieve the pressure.

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