Sydney Today, April 4th, Australian Eastern Time, author Margaret Geddes’ villa Hawthorn is currently for sale. She has completed a series of classic history books there: Remembering Weary, Remembering Bradman and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

After living for nearly 30 years, Geddes plans to leave her British Tudor-style villa on Urquhart Estate. It will be auctioned at the end of this month, and Geddes hopes to sell for at least A$150 million. She told Private Property: "All my works are done here. This is a family house that can accommodate many children, but we only live in 2 people now, which is too big for us."

The house is located at 22 Urquhart Street. It has two floors, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large formal lounge and dining room, and one sometimes has diamond-like shiny sun-faced windows. There is also a study room with an open fireplace. The total area of ​​the villa is 4 square meters.

The house will be auctioned by Marshall White's agent Leonard Siragusa on April 4. (Ivy)