Sydney Today, on March 3th, Australian Eastern Time, part of the tonington Mansion building is being sold by its owner, a Chinese developer, and the sales are good. Some residents denounced this behavior, believing that such buildings must be sold.

Part of the Stonington Mansion in Malvern was once a residential area for government officials. Many Melburnians believed that these properties would never fall into private hands, and now their owners-Chinese developers are selling these houses, and the sales situation not bad. According to sources, the building was divided into two buildings. The government gave it to Deakin University in the 20s. The school sold it five years ago. The two buildings should be worth 90 million Australian dollars. With a total area of ​​5 square meters, this building is planned to be sold as an apartment, but it can also be sold to buyers in Prestige Market, because some people may think it is just a house.

Deakin University used the three-hectare Stonington property as a campus, but in 2006, despite the opposition of the Stonnington City Council and the former Secretary of Finance Peter Costello, it insisted on selling it to a private developer. Since then, the heritage house on Glenferrie Avenue in front of the door has been rebuilt and sold to a collector for A$1800 million, but this price broke the record of the Victorian real estate market.

The other 1.5 hectares of properties have changed hands many times between developers who have obtained composite permits. For a while, it belonged to Sydney developer Ashington, and the company’s head was Mark Bouris. In the second half of 2010, the Chinese developer Everbright bought the property for A$3000 million, and Marshall White is selling the two buildings. (Wendy)