Sydney Today, March 3, Australian Eastern Time, according to industry sources, Canberra's Monash and Gungahlin are expected to usher in house price increases. The Australian Property Monitoring Centre predicts that house prices in these two areas will rise by more than 19% in 2012.

据澳大利亚金融评论四月份的杂志预测,Holt, Theodore和 Chisholm的房产也在升值行列。该杂志是通过对2011年30个房价表现出色的首特地区比对之后做出的预测。Palmerston记录了平均房价上涨最快的地区,12个月里增幅为10.1%,达到513,750澳元。Dunlop 和Macgregor的平均房价也分别上涨7.8%和7.1%,Belconnen全年的平均房价上涨7.6%。

The third highest rate of increase is the suburb of Gungahlin. Christine Shaw of Luton Real Estate believes that this rate of increase may be attributed to the fact that the area is a newly developed area with few houses requiring renovation. Craig Bright, head of the ACT area of ​​the Real Estate Research Institute, pointed out that due to the influence of first-time home buyers and second-time home buyers, housing prices in some newly developed suburbs in Canberra are expected to rise because these new houses can easily attract young people.

Bright said that although average house prices in Gungahlin rose a lot in 2011, not all suburban homes are expected to rise in the next year. Although houses in Gungahlin are expected to rise by an average of 2012% in 2, prices in Bonner, Harrison and Forde may not rise due to the economic bubble.

Bright said: "In general, Canberra's housing market has reached a plateau. I think it is unlikely that housing market prices will rise sharply in the future, and the housing market will develop steadily." In 2011, overall, Canberra housing prices It fell by 3.5%, and the average house price was AUD552,218, but house prices in the capital have increased by 16.35% in the past three years. Last year, Canberra's auction clearance rate was 42%, and the average sale period was 72 days. (Wendy)