Sydney Today, February 2th, Australian Eastern Time. After more than ten years of brewing, the streetscape of North Sydney is changing step by step. It is no longer a city with only concrete and general-purpose offices, nor is it a weekend crowded. A rare city, but a living and residential area.

Six apartments on or near Berry Street have been approved and are ready to start construction, because developers believe that the location close to the city center, convenient transportation and beautiful port scenery will definitely attract buyers. Curtis Field from Collier is Belvedere’s agent. The company is the tallest new high-rise apartment. He said: “193% of our 70 apartments will participate in the “A$50.5 Buy a Home” promotion. Accept reservations from next month." He said that it is still not very similar to Surry Hills, but we believe that the street scene here will undergo a very big change in three or four years. It implies that we will know that what we are now experiencing is actually a turning point in North Sydney.

In the early 20s, 70 commercial buildings stood here in a short period of time, forming the northern CBD center. Now residential buildings are experiencing a small boom. On Walker Street, Belvedere built a 30-story apartment to replace a two-story duplex. Atria was approved last year to build 22 apartments on Berry Street, and Heritage was also approved to build 48 apartments and 24 buildings on Walker Street. Villa, London will also build 4 apartments on the Pacific Highway. Meriton has built Mulberry with 144 apartments on Miller Street, and is still approving 94 apartments at the intersection of Berry Street and Pacific Highway.

Garry Rothwell of Winten said: "North Sydney has become the densest place for single apartments in Australia. 37% of the single apartments are located here, and the demand for single apartments and studios is increasing rapidly." Although the pace of construction of residential areas in North Sydney is fast, researcher Morrison said: “Changes are taking place here, but not as fast as we imagined; there are more houses under construction, and maybe we will see more next year. Many residents moved in." North Sydney’s Mayor Genia McCaffery said: "North Sydney’s changes are the result of the government’s "2000 Local Environmental" plan; the plan is to build a commercial center around the subway station and then Residential centres. Once you put the strategy in place, developers will soon implement it. Now we are also accelerating this process because we really hope that residential areas can be close to the CBD business centre."