Sydney Today, March 3, Australian Eastern Time, the Randwick real estate market has seen a gratifying situation in the last two weeks. The number of houses for sale has increased, and in some areas, such as Wahroonga, there has even been a phenomenon of pre-auction.

The house of Simon Lister, the head of Nylon Studios, and his wife Amanda in Randwick will be auctioned on March 3 through McGrath's agents Bethwyn Richards and Jennifer Pooley. The expected price is AUD 10 million. The house is located on St Marks Street and has an area of ​​190 square meters. It has street parking and a garden designed by the famous designer Myles Baldwin. The last time the house changed hands was in May 325, and the price was $2009 million. This five-bedroom house has only recently been renovated.

The owner of the house—born in New Zealand, Simon has worked in the film industry for more than 20 years. During his film career, he has worked with Hugh Jackman in "Wolverine" and Baz Luhrmann in "Australia". In 2010 he won the Silver Lion Award at the Cannes Film Festival for the film "Pure Island".

Reports indicate that Robin Nevin's house in Paddington was recently sold for A$131.5 million. The house was sold for A$1983 in 1.45. Since last year, this three-bedroom terrace has been commissioned by Goodyer Donnelley's agent Debbie Donnelley. It was sold on the market until recently. The new owners of this 107-square-meter house on Liverpool Street are the Gallaghers. They advertised for rent in January at a cost of A$1 per week.

In Alexandria, Jay Ryves and his wife Nathan McLay, who are engaged in the art industry, have a two-story terrace. They plan to sell through BresicWhitney's agents Dominic Kuneman and Brigitte Blackman on March 3. The expected price is not less than $24. . The house last changed hands in 77.5, and the price was A$2007. It was restored afterwards. As a designer, Jay has designed magazine covers for many people, including Matt Moran, Julie Goodwin, Christine Manfield and last year's Archibald winner-Ben Quilty. His wife Nathan is the founder of "Future Classics", an independent music brand that manages bands and DJs. The company trains music talents for the Sydney Festival, St Jerome's Laneway Festival and Big Day Out.

The former mayor of Ku-ring-gai Adrienne Ryan’s house in Wahroonga was sold for A$187.5 million through Belle Property Wahroonga’s agent Ian Clarke last week. The house was originally scheduled for auction this weekend. This four-bedroom house is located on the prestigious Braeside Street on the east side of the suburb. It covers an area of ​​936 square meters and has a hot spring swimming pool. After she divorced her ex-husband Peter Ryan, Adrienne bought the house in 2005 for $168 million. Since her daughter is leaving home to go to university in the north, Adrienne decides to sell her current house and buy a smaller apartment on the north coast.

Advertising clerk David Anstee plans to auction his beachfront house on the Central Coast through McGrath Terrigal real estate agent Mat Steinwede and Trevor Hamilton. The planned auction price is 3 million Australian dollars. In 17, David Anstee spent Purchased this house for A$150. The house has an area of ​​1996 square meters and the front lawn of Avoca Lake. (Wendy)