Sydney Today, April 4, Eastern Time, Australia, Hanging Rock and its surroundings are very important indigenous landscapes. Aboriginal people used this place as a place for gatherings, celebrations and other large-scale events.

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Before the robbers used it as a cover for plundering gold mines and the novelist Lindsay and filmmaker Peter Weir uncovered its evil magic, Hanging Rock near Woodend was a well-known haunted and lingering ghost. Of rocks.

This rock is an important landmark on the boundary of the four indigenous peoples. It is a gathering place for large tribes such as coming-of-age ceremonies, trade fairs and weddings. The aboriginals refused to climb the rock. They believed it was damage to the 105-meter-high, 600 million-year-old small round mound or the cracks in the lava bubble.

However, for a long time, the indigenous people lived in the bungalows covered by forest around Hanging Rock. It is said that they have lived there for more than 2.6 years. White residents found many scarred trees there. Their children picked stones in the paddock and brought them to school to give speeches.

The most interesting artifact found in the Macedon area is a large boulder measuring 2 to 3 meters with deep, smooth grooves on the surface. It was identified as the most important archaeological site in Australia.

Now, Hanging Rock is surrounded by a high chain-like fence, becoming one of the most reminiscent aboriginal areas on the Australian continent. (Ivy)